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February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! We've got love stories on our mind so we're sharing some of our favorites from CLUBWAKA couples! These love stories show glimpes of how CLUBWAKA folks are living the fun life while being in love all over the country. Read these love stories and share yours on social media with hashtag #CLUBWAKA:

Congratulations to these Duke City Krackheads from Hollywood, CA on their recent engagement! 

"Start playing kickball. Meet new friends. Friend introduces you to his friend. Fall in love. The rest is history."

Caitlin & Sean from Montgomery, Alabama.

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February 13, 2017

There’s so much love in the CLUBWAKA community and we LOVE being observers for how you are sharing yours: for your teammates, your friends, your family, and the moments that make you feel your most fun self. 

Today, in effort share CLUBWAKA love stories in every shape and form, we've got a round up of some of our favorite social media posts of the season that lift us up and make us smile. 

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February 9, 2017

“Be a team player and trust in the team” says CLUBWAKA Hartford enthusiast, Estelle, whose gearing up to captain her 21st season of volleyball this spring. Learn more about how she’s leading her team(s) and finding community with CLUBWAKA in Hartford. 

Team Name: Bust Ur Balls (I have two teams, same name)
Occupation: Vendor Compliance Manager
Favorite sports/ hobbies: Volleyball

Hi Estelle, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? 

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February 8, 2017

Because we love planning parties…  CLUBWAKA in New Orleans hosted a Bar Olympics extravaganza last weekend featuring more than a dozen different bar games and team competitions.

The day started early and players were shy and a bit cautious in the first games - each round was a surprise and no-one knew what was coming. After a few rounds of giant beer pong, (a crowd favorite throughout the day), the party and competition ramped up and teams battled it out for the gold medals. 

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February 5, 2017

Watching the big game with your CLUBWAKA friends is that little bit more fun and special - don’t you think? 

Are you spending Super Bowl Sunday with your CLUBWAKA friends? Share a photo of you and your crew on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #SuperBowl and #CLUBWAKA and you could win a big game prize package from BudLight and CLUBWAKA! 

We want to see all your pre game party moments, celebratory dances, and couch selfies. At the end of the game, we'll select a Big Game Photo Content winner (and will be sharing some of our top picks throughout the game on our CLUBWAKA Instagram for everyone to see!)

Big Game Photo Contest, Clubwaka
February 4, 2017

With the big game on our mind, we’re thinking of running routes and scoring touch downs.

We sat down with Amber Marcella from CLUBWAKA in Albuquerque, NM who chats with us about flag football, her favorite team memories, and winning the league championship in back to back seasons.

CLUBWAKA Team Name: Nice Snatch 

Occupation: Loan Officer 

Favorite Hobbies: Softball, kickball, football, & beer pong 

Super Bowl 2017 pick: I'd say the Giants all day, but I guess I'll take the Patriots.

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February 2, 2017

Don't worry about the groundhog’s prediction, we’re living the fun life whether there are six more weeks of winter or ten. Today, CLUBWAKA costume enthusiasts have something to celebrate: World Tutu Day!  

We've pulled together some of our favorite CLUBWAKA tutu looks to get you ready to party - check out our favorites, and post your Tutu Day photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with hashtags #CLUBWAKA #thefunlife! 

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February 1, 2017

Last weekend, we hosted our first vacation of the year at the breathtaking Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe, with more than 200 of our CLUBWAKA friends. 

The CLUBWAKA Tahoe Ski Trip is a unique blend of snow sports by day, and pub crawls, casino games, and dance parties by night. This year, Tahoe has an epic amount of snow and we had an absolute blast while skiing, boarding, and trying to play kickball in all the fresh powder... It took a full three hours and lots of CLUBWAKA helpers to carve out our snow kickball field! 

From an apres ski party at 8,000 feet to inflatable pool toy sled races and a onesie pub-crawl through Tahoe’s legendary casinos, this trip proved an unforgettable experience. Here’s what happened…

CLUBWAKA Ski Trip, CLUBWAKA Vacation, group trip, social club, social sports, Tahoe
January 24, 2017

We’re moving full force into a new season of fun with a line up of new CLUBWAKA activities and events. If you are looking for some positivity and a new adventure, here’s a bunch of cool stuff happening soon that we’re looking forward to: 

Mystery games at the Bar Olympics in New Orleans, LA 

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January 19, 2017

Last week in Los Angeles, CLUBWAKA members got together and hosted a Casino Royale Charity Party, a stylish gaming event with an open bar, DJ, and a charity raffle for the American Legion Hollywood Post 43 with plenty of prizes.

The American Legion Hollywood Post 43 is a chapter of The American Legion, the nation's largest veterans organization serving veterans, youth, and the community.

More than 150 people were in attendance enjoying casino games, mixing, and mingling. (The four hour event seriously flew by, it was so much fun.)

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