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What makes PLAYGROUND league different?
  • It is a fun games, social league.
  • Teams play with a new WaCkY rule each week, based on league vote! WaCkY rules include:
    • Backwards baserunning (3rd is the new 1st)
    • Kicking a small ball (the standard red WAKA ball gets a break)
    • Playing to 6 innings
  • Pitch to your own team.
  • 2 Pitch Rule
    • Players get more playing time to kick the ball. It keeps the game moving quickly.
  • A season is 9 weeks long
  • There are NO PLAYOFFS
  • Standings are based on a points system. Points are determined by:
    • Field result rankings
    • Bar game results
    • Social game challenges
    • General participation
  • The team with the most points at the end of the season takes home the trophy!


Season Information

  • Where: Valley View Park in Oak Park
  • When: Thursday nights
  • Game Times: 8PM and 9PM

~ There is a NO ALCOHOL policy on the field ~


What does registration include?

  • CLUBWAKA Team T-shirt
  • Field permits
  • League equipment
  • Post-game fun at a sponsor bar
  • Social challenges and bar games
  • Free admission to the End of Season (EOS) party.
  • A chance to take home the trophy for your team!


Individuals, groups and teams are ALL WELCOME!

  • Don't have a team? Individuals can sign up as a free agent and we will place you on a team.
  • To play on a team with your friends, one person should create a friend group. Inform others to register under that friend group to avoid being placed on another team.
  • Groups are NOT TEAMS. Groups who meet the minimum team requirements will be upgraded to TEAM status.
  • Minimum TEAM requirements : at least 12 players, with a minimum of 4 per gender.

**WAKA has the right to add players up to 26**



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