Kickball Today - December 2010

Kickball Today -- December 2010
Kickball Today December 2010 WAKA Kickball - Best Parties. Best Games. Best Friends.
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WAKA wishes everyone a happy New Year! From crowning a new champion at Founders Cup® to raising money for deserving charities, 2010 was a year filled with fun, light-hearted competition and great kickball. Here is WAKA's Top 3 list of 2010.

#1 -- Largest World Kickball Championship® Weekend in the History of WAKA

Largest World Kickball Championship® Weekend in the History of WAKA

This year our Las Vegas Columbus Day Weekend event was the largest (and most fun) one-day kickball event ever with the addition of The Kickball Games™. Congrats again to the 2010 World Kickball Champion team "Panik Attack" from the VA Recess Division!

#2 -- WAKA Players Give Back

WAKA Players Give Back with Kick-It

As much as we love playing kickball and celebrating at the division bar afterward, WAKA is also very dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and play. As such, thousands of dollars was donated to charities across the county - many benefiting children or others in need. WAKA even set a Guinness World Record for the longest played kickball game - all part of an effort to raise money for charity.

#3 -- WAKA Connects People

WAKA Connects People

It's no secret that WAKA is a great place to meet new people, but WAKA also is a great place to find a significant other. Last year alone, there have been more than 10 WAKA engagements and weddings. Congrats to all of the happy couples!

King of the Hill Award nominations begin!

King of the Hill Award nominations begin! If your division or team is THE BEST of the BEST, it's time to make your voice heard. To enter, please submit your team name and division and season information, which category you are entering, and why you should win. Be sure to include photos, web links or examples that are relevant to your nomination. Nominations CLOSE FRIDAY, DEC 29. Submit your entries now.

Categories include:

  • Overall Best Team
  • Best Division Board
  • Best Division Web Page
  • Best Ghost Man on Third newsletters
  • Most Money Raised for Charity
  • Best Charity Event
  • Best Social Events or Parties
  • Best Division Pictures
  • Best Rookie Division
  • Most Team Spirit

Bring it on kickballers! Let's see what you got!

Thanks For The Feedback

The 2010 World Kickball Championship Weekend was outrageously successful and was the biggest and most celebrated kickball tournament to date.

Thank you to all who completed the 2010 tournament survey. We listened to you and have a lot of fun and exciting things in store for the 2011 event. Event announcements will be coming in January so please stay tuned!

Overheard - Tweets from Around the Horn

This month, WAKA players shared the craziest kickball plays that they've ever seen:

  • "When I rounded 1st base, then mooned the 3rd baseman only for him to throw me out siding head 1st back to 1st base! LOL" - Pam K.
  • "Walk off sac fly in the bottom of the fifth of a 0-0 championship. CA Bayshore is getting tougher!" - Michael S.
  • "Short bunt up the middle to our pitcher who in-turn kicked the ball at the runner for the out 5 steps away from 1st!" - Charles B.
  • "Runner on third, ball is kicked deep to right field. The right fielder (whose arm is broken and in a cast) fields the ball and drop kicks it to home plate. It lands perfectly on the runner as he was crossing home." - Tim G.

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New Year, New Divisions - Have You Registered Yet?

WAKA Kickball is excited to announce several divisions across the country are still accepting new players, full teams and free agents! What are you waiting for?

Charity Spotlight: WAKA Saves Recess!

WAKA Connects People

WAKA Kickball in San Francisco teamed up with Playworks to help save recess in 2010. Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that supports learning by providing safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity to schools at recess and throughout the entire school day. During the year, Jen Lawrence, a player on The Stepdads (CA Vertigo) and Galactic Prophylactic (CA Redwoods), teamed up with Emma Rapp, Playworks Community Engagement Coordinator, to make Playworks SF WAKA's official charity. Since January 2010, players of CA Vertigo, CA Redwoods, and several other SF WAKA divisions raised more than $2,500 for Playworks by competing in kickball tournaments, Beer Pong Bingo events, Bar Crawls, and Charity Happy Hours. Jen's dedication and hardwork paid off! SF WAKA exceeded it's goal to raise $2,500 by the end of the year and has raised $2,621 so far. The San Francisco teams have one more charity event planned later this month to finish the year off strong. Congrats on a job well done.

WAKA Saves Recess!

Work for WAKA!

Would You LOVE A Job With WAKA? Work With Us

WAKA offers exciting career opportunities for people that have a passion for WAKA Kickball, are animated extroverts and motivated self-starters. Benefits include flexible work hours and some telecommuting, generous leave time, a fun environment and much more.

We are looking for smart, organized communicators to help us provide and promote the joy of playing WAKA Kickball. Currently, the following full-time positions are available:

  • Regional Customer Service Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Web Developer

Click here for more information.

Where is the world is WAKA Kickball?

On location and touring around the nation - WAKA Kickball players are always on the move! Check out some recent pictures of WAKA players from across the country and around the world.

LA Clippers

A collection of kickballers from CA Studio, CA Star and CA Solstice Divisions enjoyed a special WAKA night at the Clippers game in Los Angeles in early December.

* Can't get enough pictures? Visit the official  WAKA Kickball Facebook Page or WAKA's Flickr Page for more photos and videos and while you're there, upload your best shots as well.

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