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Happy New Year!


Nominations are in, the votes have been tallied and after hours of debate and a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors to break ties -- we are proud to announce the 2009 King of the Hill Award winners! Thank you to everyone who submitted entries!

Overall Best Team

Relax and Let It Happen from the TX Capital Division in Austin is the 2010 KOTH

On the field, Relax and Let It Happen from the TX Capital Division in Austin has won five consecutive regular season titles and four consecutive division tournament titles, was the 2009 Texas Cup champs going 4-0 and outscored their opponents by a combined score of 20-3 all while closing down the bar the evening before. In their first appearance at the Founders Cup© World Kickball Championship© tournament, they won their first five games by a combined score of 44-0 before losing in the Quarterfinals to the eventual runner-up Best Coast Ballers. Congrats!

Best Division Board

Hailing from a region that is known for Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras and tall hurricanes, divisions really have to step up their game to be recognized in the NOLA kickball universe. Thankfully, the division board from LA Crescent Division were up for the task! Known for being fun-loving, passionate kickballers, this is one board that doesn't mind putting in the hours to make their division the most kick'n group in the bayou.

Best Ghost Man on Third Newsletters

After spending hours reading and re-reading the fantastic GMOTs from all the divisions submitted, all we can say is there are some pretty amazing, creative writers out there playing kickball and putting a lot of time, effort and hard work into their newsletters. We had a great time reading all of them and now know which divisions to follow for a good laugh. Without further hesitation, the winners are:

  1. DC Liberty Division is lucky to have Kickball Carrie to help turn their GMOT into something all of the players look forward to reading. From great photos to entertaining stories to the famous Halloween's Collector's Issue, this GMOT is one everyone should add to their reading list.
  2. FL Tarpon Division submitted more 455 pages of GMOT issues and almost every page contained hilarious stories, thoughtful content, banter, etc. and they have their own blog -- seriously funny content can be found on their GMOT pages.
  3. CO Mile High Division who consistently puts together funny, informative and very creative newsletters each and every month.

Most Money Raised for Charity

LA Crescent Division raised $5,000 for The Children's Hospital

LA Crescent Division and its fearless charity leader Kayla S. aka Charity Girl raised nearly $5,000 for The Children's Hospital in just one season!

Best Charity Event

Lead by "Legends of the Ball", kickballers from the GA Peachtree and Thrasher Divisions, were asked to donate items to send over to an Army platoon in Afghanistan -- and the results were nothing short of exceptional. They received enough gifts to make separate boxes for all 39 members of the platoon and pay for the shipping. Every soldier got his own package with a note from a WAKA kickballer and one extra box full of kickball equipment and WAKA T-shirts was sent as well. The platoon leader sent photos back to express their gratitude. Congrats on a job well done!

Best Social Events or Parties

TX Live Division 80's Prom Party

We know WAKA players are known for great parties, but the photographic evidence submitted by the TX Live Division confirms their spot at the top of the list -- from its Inappropriate T-shirt Party (pics are too inappropriate to share) to its 80's Prom, this division definitely knows how to party!

Best Division Pictures

FL Central Division Best Photos

Spend a few minutes browsing through FL Central Divions's Flickr photostream and you'll see that these kickballers from Orlando love to have fun, don't mind getting dirty and always bring motorized coolers to the field.

Most Team Spirit

TX Live's Smirkin Merkins have the MOST Team Spirit!

There were some great submissions for this award, but one team -- "Smirkin Merkins" from the TX Live Division in Austin, blew the rest away -- they even prepared a 10+ page PowerPoint presentation asserting their dominance as the most assertive and perhaps craziest team of 2009

CA Fiesta Division's The Scrums have the MOST Team Spirit!

We would also like to give props to "Don't Call it a Scrumback" aka "Scrumdog Millionaires" aka "Scrumtrulescence" aka "the Scrums" from the CA Fiesta Division in Santa Barbara. Whether they are playing kickball in the mud during a rainy day, taking a full size school bus to the Clippers game or are parading around downtown Santa Barbara in ridiculous outfits and custom screen printed jerseys, no one has more fun than the Scrums. They even created a Facebook Group to rally support for "Most Team Spirit".

WAKA's Cutest Couples Contest

We are looking for WAKA's cutest couples!! If you think you are one of WAKA's best looking couples and don't mind seeing your face plastered all over WAKA's Facebook Page, then send us your photo with your name and division/team information.

The contest is open to all WAKA players. Send your picture to Deadline for submissions is February 19, 2010. Winners will be announced the following week on Facebook, so make sure you're a fan.

Divisions Still Open -- Register Today!

Winter/Spring Division Kickball Map 2010

WAKA Kickball is excited to announce several divisions in both new and existing WAKA areas are still accepting new players, full teams and free agents! What are you waiting for?

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WAKA offers exciting career opportunities for people that have a passion for WAKA Kickball, are animated extroverts and motivated self-starters. Benefits include flexible work hours and some telecommuting, generous leave time, a fun environment and much more.

We are looking for smart, organized communicators to help us provide and promote the joy of playing WAKA Kickball. Click here for more information.

Where is the world is WAKA Kickball?

On location and touring around the nation - WAKA Kickball players are always on the move! Check out some recent pictures of WAKA players from across the country and around the world.


Billy B., Devon O., Kelley B., and Paul M. from Balls Deep in the NC Glory Division showed off their enthusiasm for WAKA while on vacation in the Bahamas. Awesome pic guys!

Tulsa, OK

Even though they aren't on vacation, these lovely ladies from "Here for Beer" in Tulsa definitely took their competitiveness to a new level by sporting moustaches to distract the opposing teams. Thankfully, they lost, so the 'staches have been barred from all future games.

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