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Check Out the 2010 Kickball: Official Rules of the Game!

WAKA is pleased to announce the 2010 edition of Kickball: Official Rules of the Game!.

Divisions with seasons currently in progress should change over to the new rules this week - please help spread the word!

Highlights of the 2010 edition include:

  • Encroachment & Positioning infractions consolidated into single Fielder Position Infraction, subject to a single team warning before penalties apply (see Rule 8.02).
  • "Out of the baseline" defined (see Rule 10.01).
  • Clarified language on "bouncy" pitches (Rule 12.02) and use of the Extra Base (Rule 1.06).

Stay tuned for a forthcoming update to the Rules FAQ page on Don't hesitate to contact your WAKA Customer Service Rep with any questions or concerns!

Divisions Still Open -- Register Today!

Winter/Spring Division Kickball Map 2010

WAKA Kickball is excited to announce several divisions in both new and existing WAKA areas are still accepting new players, full teams and free agents! What are you waiting for?

WAKA's Cutest Couples Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our "Cutest Couples of WAKA" contest! We knew there were a lot of good looking WAKA couples, but we had no idea there were THIS many! Congrats to our top three couples (in no particular order):

Joline E & Justin B (MN Twin Cities' Kick This & LA Triumph's Chuck Norris)

Joline E & Justin B (MN Twin Cities' Kick This & LA Triumph's Chuck Norris)

Joline E. from MN Twin Cities Division and Justin B. LA Triumph Division met in Las Vegas during Founders Cup in 2008 and have been going strong ever since!

Laura J and Matthew S CA Studio Guy Fawkes

Laura J. and Matthew S. from CA Studio Dvision share an interest in kickball on eHarmony

Laura J. and Matthew S. from CA Studio Dvision. This couple met on eHarmony when Matthew's interest in kickball caught Laura's eye!

Diana G Aaron T NY Liberty Division

Diana G. and Aaron T. from NY Liberty Division!

Diana G. and Aaron T. from NY Liberty Division!

Would You LOVE A Job With WAKA? Work With Us

WAKA offers exciting career opportunities for people that have a passion for WAKA Kickball, are animated extroverts and motivated self-starters. Benefits include flexible work hours and some telecommuting, generous leave time, a fun environment and much more.

We are looking for smart, organized communicators to help us provide and promote the joy of playing WAKA Kickball. Click here for more information.

Where is the world is WAKA Kickball?

On location and touring around the nation - WAKA Kickball players are always on the move! Check out some recent pictures of WAKA players from across the country and around the world.

Kansas City, MO

Almost all of the members of the MO Liberty and Kansas City Divisions in Kansas City, MO pose for a group kickball picture. Looking good!


Cindy H. from FL Breaker Division in Tampa took her WAKA shirt on her trip to London!

Roma, Italy

Lee Y. and C. Hawkins from the Brown Mustachio's of the FL Palm Beach Gardens Division are pictured here visiting the Vatican in Roma, Italy.

Auckland, New Zealand

Mike S. from Lock It Up in NY Star Division is sporting his WAKA shirt while on a business trip in Auckland, New Zealand!

* Can't get enough pictures? Visit the official  WAKA Kickball Facebook Page or WAKA's Flickr Page for more photos and videos and while you're there, upload your best shots as well.

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