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Do Spring Right with WAKA!

The sun is out and we’ve got fun tournaments and events happening every week. To help you make the most of this Spring, read below to find ideas for awesome stuff to do!

Image: Do Spring Right with WAKA!

#KickballDay2K16 is Thursday, April 21st!

You know all those fun national holidays with hashtags that you see in your newsfeed? Well, this one is just for you! To celebrate #KickballDay2K16, we will be featuring kickball theme parties, league nights, and open play days in cities across the US.

Whether you want to relive your playground glory days or need an excuse to get your friends and coworkers together for some fun, this is your chance!

Check out this list of ideas for how you can participate and share your photos with #KickballDay2K16!

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WAKA’s Regional Kickball Tournaments

Some big WAKA kickball tournaments are happening this spring in cities across the US. Take a look at the events you should sign up for now!

Miami Charity Kickball Tournament - April 23rd, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Regional Kickball Tournament - May 21st, 2016

Northeast Regional Kickball Tournament - June 4th, 2016

Central Regional Kickball Tournament - June 18th, 2016

Not quite ready for a tournament but eager to play? Try a local WAKA Kickball & Social Sports league: Sign up here!

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