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August 2009
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Founder Cup


Registration for Founders Cup 2009 opens at 10 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, August 18. Make sure your captain is ready to accept your invitation. This year, there's more fun for everyone with 32 teams advancing to the single elimination bracket... on-site food, vendors and extra special swanky poolside opening ceremonies on Friday, October 9, that you won't want to miss - you will get Free entry to the Official Founders Cup Opening Ceremonies for WAKA players and your guests.

Last year the tournament sold out in 11 minutes, and we don't want your team to miss this opportunity. If you have questions about the invitation and registration process, please contact and we can make sure you are ready.

Founders Cup Guest Tickets "ON SALE NOW" through the WAKA Store. Visit to get yours today!


This is the ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to gather with the super stars of WAKA kickball nation!

October may seem months away but the WAKA clubhouse rooms at the Platinum are already half SOLD OUT. The remaining rooms will quickly sell out on August 18, so stay ahead of the pack and book yours today. Click HERE to book your reservations now.


Founders Cup Volunteer Opportunities

It's hard to imagine any WAKA player choosing to skip the once-a-year Founders Cup World Kickball Championship. Even if your team doesn't qualify, you can still be a part of the BIG SHOW and join other vivacious volunteers from around the country by lending a hand at the event. Do you like to meet new people? Are you good at making things look beautiful? Do you have a special act you'd like to perform for all of WAKA nation? Then we've got a position for you! Send an email to NOW to see the volunteer opportunities available.

WAKA Founders Cup 2009:
Are you going?

Video of WAKA Founders Cup 2009

Enter the " Why my team is psyched for Vegas " National video contest!

What's your team's secret to fun and success? Do you have a special pre game ritual? Do you have the best pitcher in the world, or does your team reign over the Flip Cup table?

Send in your team video (no longer than 3 minutes) for the chance to be featured on, appear in next month's Kickball Today, as well as be shown on the big screen at the Opening Ceremonies at Founders Cup! Email to


Does your kickball team have what it takes flip its way to glory? Prove it!

Calling all flip cup fans! Flip Cup Guys, the largest organizer of flip cup tournaments in the U.S., and WAKA Kickball will be hosting the second annual World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament (WLFCT) on October 11, 2009 at the Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas! Sixty-four flip cup teams from across the U.S. will compete in an NCAA-style tournament for a chance to win Jamaican vacations, cruises to Grand Cayman and eternal glory.

WLFCT's championship team will win a 7-night Spring Break Package to Negril, Jamaica, courtesy of Sun Splash Tours, as well as a free cruise for two from Tampa to Grand Cayman on April 15-19, 2010 courtesy of VH1 Best Cruise Ever, a floating music festival hosted by 3 Doors Down and featuring Lifehouse, Shinedown and more. Other prize sponsors include Hooters Casino Hotel, Portopong, Major League Flip Cup, and Check out videos from the 2008 WLFCT and WLFCT Survivor Tournament at and

Register your team before general registration opens to the public. Six-person teams and spectators can now sign-up at Registration fees are $30 per player or $25 per spectator and include entry to the tournament, a 3-hour open beer bar and free game play beer. See you at the table!

WLFC Tournament
Flip Cup Guys


Balls Deep is up to kick with one out and the bases loaded. The Ballistics pitcher hurls the ball right down the center of the plate, and the kicker boots it into left center field and the ball bounces around between two outfielders. The runner at third scores easily. The runner at second takes a wide turn at third, hesitates, and for some reason returns to the bag. The runner at first sees the traffic jam at third and slides into the base. The kicker, who has been running hard all the way with his head down, races into third for a triple.

The Ballistics third baseman is confused, too, when he gets the throw from the left outfielder. He knows that two of the runners don't belong there. But he doesn't know which two. So he does the obvious: he tags all three runners. The third base ref calls two of them out... but which two? Who do you think has the right to be there?

We've left out a couple pieces of information for you to figure out. If you think you know the answer email it to The first correct answer will win some sweet WAKA swag.

Congrats to last month's winner
Jon S. - who was the first to correctly answer the puzzler!

High trek

Hey Kickballers, ever want to be on "The Amazing Race," but can't quit your day job? Here's your chance! High Trek Adventure is offering WAKA players a 10% discount (use discount code WAKA)! Click here to find a race near you and win $300 cash and a chance to win $12,345!


WAKA players have been there, done that and are all the wiser for it. So who better to answer the love/dating/kickball questions of their fellow teammates than WAKA players themselves?

Dear WAKA,
My teammate never bunts even when it is the most strategic move she can make. Every time she is up to kick, she wails on the ball, and 9 out of 10 times she gets out. Normally, I wouldn't mind giving suggestions but she freaks out and yells anytime anyone on the team offers her any helpful advice. What should I do?

Dear Friend,
I have to assume that besides her lack of kicking abilities and generally angry demeanor, she has some great skill-set that she brings to the team. Perhaps she catches every fly ball to right field, or is the most solid anchor your flip-cup table has ever seen. Maybe she's the greatest team player of them all – the designated driver. Take me for example, I'm the absolute worst kickball player in the history of the game, however, I win every beer shotgun to start the game and I'm incredibly good looking. Try and find her particular talent and if she just really sucks at life, trade her in the off-season.

Dear WAKA,
I met the man of my dreams playing kickball. He is so excited and has the whole event planned out in his mind. He really wants to have the ceremony on a kickball field but I've always pictured my wedding in my church. How do I tell my fiancé without hurting his enthusiasm?

Dear Friend,
In my experience there's not a priest, rabbi, shaman, guru, or hired man you found on craigslist that wouldn't relocate from your desired house of worship to the local kickball field for your big day – especially if more cash is promised to them. Think of all the fun that an outdoor wedding brings: sunshine, bbqs, kegs! No need to spend a fortune on decorations; forget hiring a DJ, bring your boom box; bridesmaids and groomsmen already have matching attire, (hopefully your team's jerseys match your color scheme.) Who needs classy when you can have sassy?! Besides, EVERYONE will always remember the super bad-ass couple who got married drunken kickball style. If your heart is set on a fancy-pants wedding then just tell your fiancé that you'll agree to whatever kind of wedding he wants, if he promises to do whatever you want for the rest of your marriage.

This month's Dear WAKA advice is courtesy of Beer Monster from the Denver area. Have a question for one of our "Dear WAKA" experts? Send your questions to

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After a recent game, the "Kick in a Box" team of the DC Hill Division gathered to take a team photo in front of the Washington Monument. One player, Pete C., was ready with his girlfriend Elizabeth D.'s camera in hand. As he went to take a picture, he yelled, "Elizabeth, I think I broke your camera. Can you come here and look?" And as she came over, he went down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" Of course, she said yes and the entire DC Hill league was on hand to cheer and congratulate the new couple.

WAKA congratulates Pet and Elizabeth and wishes you both very happy life together.

Do you have a great WAKA story to share? Email it to

Pete C. proposes to his girlfriend Elizabeth D. after a kickball game.

Where in the World is WAKA

On location and touring around the nation – WAKA Kickball players are always on the move! Check out some recent pictures of WAKA players from across the country and around the world.

Members of "Fishsticks!" in the CA Surf City Division took this shot during a recent trip to Catalina.
Key West
Jayne W., another kickballer from South Florida sent us this fun picture from a recent trip to Key West – they couldn't resist a great photo opportunity at the famous Southernmost Point.
Sand Dunes
Meghan H. from "Ballz and Dollz" in the NC Capital Division had this fun picture taken while on a trip to the Sand Dunes National Monument in Alamosa, CO.
Jack W. from "Recess Raider Redux" in the DC Liberty Division had this picture taken outside of the Blue Mosque in Instanbul.
Key West
Submitted by Marla L., this picture was taken on the top level of the Key West Express from a recent trip to Key West, FL. More than 50 kickballers from the FL Bayshore division in Tampa attended the trip.

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WAKA offers exciting career opportunities for people that have a passion for WAKA Kickball, are animated extroverts and motivated self-starters. Benefits include flexible work hours and some telecommuting, generous leave time, a fun environment and much more.

We are looking for smart, organized communicators to help us provide and promote the joy of playing WAKA Kickball. Click here for more information.

Kickball jobs

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