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July 2009
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Founder Cup


This is no time for an ordinary kickball game - Founder's Cup XII will be WAKA's biggest and best tournament to date with 64 of the top WAKA teams from across the country battling it out for top accolades.

Create a memory you'll never forget: Join us for Founder's Cup XII and take your chance to become a World Kickball Champion! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn how you can have as much fun as Frosty Balls (the 2008 Champions)...

"WAKA: we can't thank you enough for the fun you guys have allowed us to have as the defending national champs. It was a complete blast and an experience we will never ever forget. We've gotten a lot of media coverage here at home, sports Web sites and newspapers...we've even been on the radio in Australia! And it's cool to hear from new kickballers, 'Hey - you're the dudes who won in Vegas, cool!' THANKS WAKA!"
- Lasalle Blanks, "Frosty Balls" co-captain

YouTube See the fun and
excitement here


What's your team's secret to fun and success? Do you have a special
pre game ritual? Do you have the best pitcher in the world, or does
your team reign over the Flip Cup table?

Send in your team video (no longer than 3 minutes) for the chance to be featured on, appear in next month's Kickball Today, as well as shown on the big screen at the Opening Ceremonies at Founders Cup! Deadline August 1 - Email to:


Watch out for these daring, brazen, and bold teams looking to claim their fame in 2009!

Flip FlopsFlip Flops & Bikini Tops

"This team will forever go down in history as the one team with the drive, endurance and alcohol tolerance of champions. The "Flip Flops & Bikini Tops" have one mission in mind: total domination on and off the kickball field. From kicking butt and taking names at the game - all while clad in bikini tops, water wings, duckie floaties, doo rags, etc. - to dominating at flip cut at the bar, this team has a desire to win that is unmatched by any other. This team is ready to bring our enthusiasm, great looks, massive amounts of props (not to mention the bikini tops we will be wearing over our kickball shirts) and winning attitude. The FFBT's Vegas Invasion '09 is on!"


Super SkinniesThe Super Skinnies

"Super Skinnies" - superhuman life forms with amazing athletic ability, superior intelligence, and above all, looks that can kill...On the field, you'd better bring your A+, gold star, mom saying "I'm so proud of you!" game, because that's what it will take to keep you from being embarrassed. The "Super Skinnies" are riding a 18 game winning streak (as of publication date), with no end in sight. We're not visiting Vegas; we're taking Vegas by force. We're going to flip it around and make it scream for more."


Ross FallsLegends of the Ball

"Legends of the Ball" is, admittedly, not the kind of team you typically see at the Founders Cup. Ryan "PP" R. is so slow, if he raced a pregnant woman, he'd finish third. First baseman Doug W. basically has one leg. We do have some good players. James T. drove in six runs during the division tournament, homered in the all-city tournament and made several dazzling catches. (He was also voted "sweetest" in his high school yearbook, hands out turkeys to homeless people and has a great eye for wallpaper patterns.) Sure, the 4-3 loss to "The Rip Reeds" in the title game on historic Field 1 at Candler Park - the wildest WAKA game since the last really wild WAKA game - was a tremendous blow to the Legends, who started 7-0 and won the regular-season title. But we will get our revenge. "The Reeds" and "Legends," Atlanta's two biggest party teams, will both make the voyage to Vegas and likely give the writers of "The Hangover" a sequel. And we will hopefully play what will surely be a memorable game, even if no one remembers what happens. That's why we videotape all Legends-Reeds games. "Legends of the Ball" also pledges to donate $1 billion to a charity of WAKA's choice if Glenn catches every ball in Las Vegas.

FacebookRead more about these Teams to Beat or add
your own on the official WAKA Facebook page!

Chicks dig kickball


By Special Guest Cameron K.
Hi, I'm Cameron and I have a problem. I have a pathological need to consume copious amounts of a singular substance while engaging in some sort of activity. I discovered this need when I was a teenager, and I started out like most kids do, I guess. Sunflower seeds and baseball. Hawaiian Punch and soccer. Mountain Dew and video games. It, it just wasn't enough though. I started, um, experimenting. I went pretty far out there, for both what I was using and what I was doing. At first I kept one thing pretty normal and tried to get crazy with the other. Olive oil and scrap booking. Cottage cheese and quilting. Gatorade and snake wrangling.

Then I got really out of control. I started using crazy things while doing crazy things. Eating Doritos while watching paint dry. Mainlining Pixie Stix and racing midgets. I was completely out of control, no direction, no ambition, just searching for that next thing.

I hit rock bottom in the fall of 2006. My friends found me under an overpass with a bunch of hobos. We were eating fried gerbils and playing chicken with shopping carts. They pushed over the cart and spilled the bum out onto the ground, ignoring his cry of pain. Then they grabbed me and bundled me into the car. We drove forever, passing several rehab clinics along the way.

Finally we stopped in this parking lot. And there, under the lights, I saw it. Eden. Nirvana. Paradise. All of them paled in comparison. The bright red kickball soaring through the night sky. The coolers full of beer. The people. The beer. The ball. My mouth gaped open. I had found my calling, like a necrophiliac working in a morgue.

I've been on kickball for over two years now. It gives me what I need. All the alcohol keeps me away from bad influences like fruits and vegetables. I still get tempted, sure. The other day I was thinking about eating a bag of marshmallows while ice-skating. But then I remembered that it was Wednesday, and kickball was less than 24 hours away.



It's the 5th inning. The pitcher pitches the ball to the kicker at the plate. The kicker boots a long fly ball to the far right field corner. The outfielder races to the proper position, gets set to catch the ball, and in fact, she catches it but at the last second, she drops it -- on purpose. Why does she do this?

We've left out a couple pieces of information for you to figure out. If you think you know the answer email it to The first correct answer will win some sweet WAKA swag.

kickball 365

DEAR WAKA?typewriter

WAKA players have been there, done that and are all the wiser for it. So who better to answer the
love/dating/kickball questions of their fellow teammates than WAKA players themselves?

Dear WAKA,
My girlfriend won't play kickball because she says she isn't athletic enough and doesn't want to be embarrassed. I've told her about the great people, fun bar scene, and chill games but she still thinks she'll look foolish. What can I tell her to get her to join my summer team? I really don't want to play without her.

JavierDear Concerned Significant Other,
I can certainly understand wanting to play with your girlfriend. Don't fight an uphill battle; try a different approach. Maybe you should try to convince her to have an alternate position on the team - third base coach, first base coach, even permanent ref. That gets her in the WAKA fold and you can enjoy the games together! We made my girlfriend the honorary bat boy and she loves it. - Javier

Dear WAKA,
This girl I know always flirts with me at the bar after games. I think she's cute, and fun, and I really want to take her out, but I know she has a boyfriend. Last week, she came up to me and challenged me to flip cup. We had a great time and she was so fired up, she gave me a quick kiss at the end of the game. When I went to talk to her later, I saw her leaving with her boyfriend. I'm confused about the mixed signals. Should I just ignore this brief encounter or try to ask her what is up next week?

AlejandraDear Confused,
Until you get more concrete signals from this girl, it is best to ignore the brief encounter. You might be reading too much into it, especially since she does have a boyfriend. Take a good look at her personality to get a better idea if she is interested in you or if this is her way of being. After all, she is in a relationship. It might be best to give her boyfriend the same respect you will want in a relationship. - Alejandra N.


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The WAKA Certified Tournament Referee (CTR) program offers referees a travel stipend, hotel for two nights, admission to social events, special WAKA CTR shirts, food and drink the day of the tournament and more. All paid for by WAKA. If you are interested in applying for the CTR program, please send an e-mail to

Where in the World is WAKA

On location and touring around the nation-WAKA Kickball players are always on the move! Check out some recent pictures of WAKA players from across the country and around the world.

Machu Picchu

David Binge and Sarah Tummons from "Shamwow" in the FL Beach Division looking down on
Machu Picchu after a long hike. Shirts say "Sham a Lam a Bing Dong" and "Shammy Long Legs."

Scottish Heritage Night
Lauren P, Voltaire O, & Big Cat of "Pink Tacos" in the AZ Fire Division honor one of their Scottish players during "Scottish Heritage Night."


Members of "Free Ballers" of the TX Liberty Division
never miss a good photo opportunity.

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By Special Guest MuchanetaMuchaneta
As I waited at the designated gate at Hyde Park corner on a chilly Thursday evening, I found myself wondering what I was getting myself in for. My introduction to WAKA Kickball began when an American friend of mine recommended that I join the London WAKA kickball team because "it is all the rage over here in America."

So having no clue about the game, I found myself standing alone at 6.15 p.m. during rush hour and wondering how I was going to spot my new team mates. I really did not relish the idea of approaching random strangers and whispering "are you part of WAKA?"

As the clock struck 6:30 p.m., I decided that I had reached the end of my patience (yes 15 minutes is just about my limit). So I made the decision to head on home and catch up on the episodes I missed of my guilty pleasure Gossip Girl. It was then that I noticed a small gathering of people dressed in shorts and T-shirts. Why had I not spotted them before? Could this be them? I decided then and there that if I even heard a whisper of an American accent coming from their direction that I would put my fear of approaching strangers aside and walk right up to them. So straining my ears I tried to listen to their chit chat while trying to not raise too much suspicion. It was then that I spotted a girl walking towards the group holding a rather large and unusual ball. I called out "Lauren" (that's the name of the girl who organises the London team) and she turned round and answered "yes" with an American accent. I gave a sigh of relief because it was in that brief moment that I realised that the American accent has never sounded so sweet . the wait was finally over!

As we all walked over to the grass area to try and locate a nice patch to play on, I took a good look at the members of the WAKA kickball London team. At first glance one could see that the team was made up of individuals from all different walks of life with different reasons for being there. There was the British Barrister, the Irish jock, the friendly Austrian, the fun filled Australian, and the happy go lucky Americans and me - the London fashion girl whose entire aura just screamed "will this game ruin my fresh manicure?"

Once a patch of grass was found we split into two teams of five and then it was time to play ball! Being a total newbie, my lack of skills certainly showed as I kept missing the ball. To be quite honest I was scared it would hurt; luckily I had patient teammates who whopped and yelled encouragement whenever I attempted to catch a ball. Luckily for me, I was not alone in my bad ball catching ways, there was one teammate (who shall remain nameless) who actually managed to make catching the ball a comical event by always running towards it with arms opened so wide that it made catching the ball an impossible task.

As the game progressed and the clock ticked on, I found myself huffing and puffing painfully. I had never realised I was so unfit. I was constantly thinking of giving up and throwing myself onto the mercy of the grass that was worsening my allergies by the minute. But like a trooper I soldiered on because if truth be known...I had caught the WAKA bug. I was enjoying the company of my new teammates as we laughed over some quite bad playing and screamed with excitement when someone made an inning. Once the game was over we forgot our pains, tears and aches as we headed to the pub for the promised glass of Chianti for me, and some cool pints of beer for the rest of my team mates - a worthy reward.

Lastly, as a Brit I can admit that I was quite cynical, unsure and rather proper about the whole WAKA game. Now I have had the WAKA experience all I can say is "Bravo." It is indeed a great game that magically manages to create a great vibe among strangers and turn them into friends. So will I be returning to play? Definitely! I have unofficially dubbed the London team the Breakfast Club of WAKA. It is definitely a team I consider myself to be part of, meaning that the tale about the London WAKA kickball team is without doubt to be continued... Muchaneta

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