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May 2009
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Founders Cup XII - Vegas Style!

It's never too early to start making your reservations for the 2009 WAKA® Founders Cup® tournament in Las Vegas. Rooms are going fast, so don't hesitate to book your space now at the WAKA host hotel, The Platinum Hotel & Spa–located only a block away from the famous Vegas Strip!

New Divisions Opening this Season
WAKA Kickball is excited to announce the opening of several new divisions!  Call, text, Twitter and smoke signal all of your friends and family in the following areas to let them know they can now enjoy all of the fabulousness that is WAKA Kickball.
Atlanta, GA • GA Victory Division • GA Flagship Division • GA Underground Division
London, England • LND Palace Division
Palo Alto, CA • CA Cardinal
Philly, PA • PA United Division • PA Independence Division • PA Freedom Division
Portland, OR • OR Bridgetown Division
Simi Valley, CA • CA Mercury Division
Thomaston, CT • CT Freedom
Burlington, WV • WV Jewel City Division

Carrie Bradshaw
We are looking for guest writers that would like to contribute creative articles for a few new and exciting Kickball Today features (think Dear Abby, as written by Jimmy Kimmel). If you think you have the witty, writing chops to entertain all of WAKA nation, then we want to hear from you! Contact us at

Thank you to all of our new WAKA friends who are now our fans on Facebook and following us on Twitter!  If you aren’t social networking with us, then you are missing out.  Make sure to find us online, so you can be the first to hear the latest WAKA news and gossip and take advantage of several new contests – only available on Facebook.  Join us now!

Win Tickets to The Hangover
Almost all WAKA players have been there.  Had a little too much after a kickball game, woke up a little foggy – only to find out you did something silly or dumb.

But we doubt anything you've done under the influence comes close to what befalls the three main characters in "The Hangover."  When three friends wake up following a wild Vegas bachelor party, they find a trail of hazy memories and destruction that includes a live tiger, knocked out teeth, a random baby, a missing groom and more.

WAKA has seen you at your worst (some might argue best), so now we want you to be able to laugh at someone else for a change – with free tickets to see “The Hangover!”

All you have to do is visit, find the “Hangover” note and post (in a sentence or two) your worst hangover story.

The author of the best story will win a FREE ticket voucher for two to see “The Hangover” – and will also have their story featured in an upcoming issue of Kickball Today.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 3.

Where in the World is WAKA?

On location and touring around the nation—WAKA Kickball players are always on the move!  Check out all the places WAKA players have gone recently:

WAKA in China
Javier A. from “The Guy Fawkes Conservatory” in the CA Studio Division literally traveled across the world to China and made sure to take his WAKA shirt with him!  Javier strikes a pose while in Xi’an at the site of the Terra Cotta warriors.
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WAKA in the Cayment Islands
Rachel R. of “Just the Tip” and Emily B. and Hallie M. of “Your Mom” in the CO Mile High Division got over their deep rooted rivalry and decided to enjoy some quality time at Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Caymans during the off season.
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WAKA in the Brazil
Team members from “Ballbusters” of the NY Hudson Division recently took a trip to Brazil.  Pictured from the left to right in the picture are Lisa W. (aka Louie the Boot), Tom F., Dom and Denise M. and Dave W. posing in front of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro. Banner

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