LA Party Gras Beer Pong



Open Call for Beer PongSuperstars!

Registration is OPEN for this one night event.


  • Teams of 2 players
  • Pool play will be 3 matches.
  • We shortened the length of matches in order for everyone to play more opponents in the night. 20 minute matches can be quite boring.
  • The games begin at 8:30. Check in opens up at 6:00.
  • Championship medals will be handed out for the winners of each division and our overall favorite team name.


  • Toss rock, paper, and scissors to determine who goes first.
  • 6 cups are racked in a traditional triangle with a sip of water or beer.  Fill it up at least an inch high.
  • Each player gets to throw two balls
  • If you both balls go in, you get the balls back.
  • No swatting.
  • The ball cannot bounce on the table before it hits a cup.
  • No blowing is allowed even if you are a girl. (funny but true rule)
  • If two balls land in the same cup, the game is not over.
  • Clear the cups that have balls in them after both players have thrown.
  • Your elbow needs to be behind the table when throwing.
  • Each player gets one re-rack during the game before they start their turn.
  • A re-rack can be in any shape the team request.
  • First player to sink all the cups wins! No rebuttals.

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