LA Party Gras Flip Cup



Open Call for Flip Cup Superstars!

Registration is OPEN for this one night event.

It will take place at Shamrock bar in New Orleans.

There will be two divisions and captains can tell us what division they want to play in. The "Compeitive Division" or the "Just For Fun Division".

Pool play will be 3 matches.

The games begin at 7:00. Check in opens up at 6:00.

Championship medals will be handed out for the winners of each division and our overall favorite team name.

Tournament Format

  • All players must be at least 21 years old.
  • You can only play for one team.
  • 5 vs 5 player match ups 
  • 3 pool play match ups
  • Best out of 5
  • Single Elimination Playoffs - all teams make playoffs 
  • Beer for the game included in registration fee - water available
  • All participants automatically entered in WAKA Male / Female King of the Hill that takes place after we crown team champions.
  • Team Costume Contest
  • WAKA encourages players to enjoy the game responsibly.

Tournament Rules

  • The first team to win three rounds is the winner
  • Only the first person on each team toast when the ref says so.
  • After you toast, your cup must touch the table, then you drink the sip of liquid, and finally flip the cup.
  • In round 2, the 2nd person starts and the 1st person will actually go last. Then in the third round, the third person starts and so on.
  • When the cup lands successfully, the next teammate can go.
  • Do not touch your cup until your teammate’s cup has landed.
  • The cup must contain a small amount of liquid. We can not force you to drink a lot.
  • Water is ok to drink and it is encouraged.
  • If the ref calls a tie, we go to jungle rules – All 10 people at the table flip at the same time and the last team to finish loses the round.
  • When flipping the cup, one hand must strike the cup from underneath and that same hand can’t touch the side of the cup.
  • If you flip out of turn, your team loses just that round. The definition of flipping out of turn is actually flipping the cup before your teammate in front of you completes their turn. Picking up the cup prematurely is allowed, but you must put it back down to begin your attempt.
  • The refs have the right to stop a round and start it over in case something silly happens.
  • You may use the 2nd hand to hold the cup in place, but you cannot use it to guide the flip. The 2nd hand must stay down at the table.
  • Anyone caught cheating will face a 2 second penalty the next round. If it is the final round, it will be the judge’s discretion for a reset.
  • DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!  Have you heard of Uber? They arrive in 5 minutes consistently in New Orleans.
  • Those who argue anything excessively will be warned on the first infraction and kicked out on the second infraction. We don't expect this, so please don't be the first person to ever get ejected.

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