Dodgeball Week 2! Trivia Night!

Hey Dodgeballers!

Thanks to all of you for a great start to the dodgeball season.  The So So Joes defeated The Beastie Balls and Balls Out won in a close match with Cups & Balls!

Save The Date:  We will be having our first mid-season party next weekend.  It will be a Halloween Bar Crawl in Camarillo. Wear your costume out on the town and have some fun with other Ventura County dodgeballers!

Here are the bar crawl event details:

Social Standings

Welcome Back Week was a big success.  There is something magical about free beer that brings dodgeballers to the bar.  Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Bar Closers
Here are the bar closers making it look easy!

  • 1st Place.  There is a 3-way tie between So So Joes, Balls Out and Cups & Balls (3 points each).
  • 4th Place.  The Beastie Balls are not far behind (1 point).

For those that didn’t make it, come on out for Week 2.  There’s still plenty of time to be social!

Our host bar is Azar’s Sports Bar in Newbury Park

  • Here is a google map of the location:
  • Sunday Night Football will be on at the bar
  • This week’s game is Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs
  • See below for instructions in this week’s 2 Social Challenges


Week 2 Game Schedule

Here is the schedule for this Sunday (Oct 21st)

  • 4:00pm - So So Joes vs Cups & Balls.  Reffing:  Balls Out
  • 5:00pm - The Beastie Balls vs Balls Out.  Reffing:  Cups & Balls

Here is the link the entire season schedule:

Please arrive a few minutes early to warm up or if you are reffing.  We get access to the gym at 3:45pm.

Social Challenges This Week:  #RefLove and Trivia Night!

The social challenges started off with a bang at Welcome Back Week.  Let’s have a great turnout for this week’s social challenges!

Social Challenge #1:  #RefLove

Ref Love

I explained this challenge in great detail in last week’s email.  Buy your ref a beer and show them some love.

If you didn’t read last week’s email or you need a refresher, here are the instructions:

Social Challenge #2:  Trivia Night

Trivia Night

This is a great challenge for your whole team to participate in together.  In fact, the more people from your team that turn out the greater the brain trust you will have to answer trivia!

  • Each of the 4 dodgeball teams will be a trivia team.
  • No cellphone use is allowed..for research.  Take all of the pics and video you want.
  • The game will be 3 rounds of trivia with 10 questions each.
  • Adam & Michelle will be making and asking the questions.
  • Your team will get 2 social points for posting a team trivia pic on the CLUBWAKA Oaks Facebook Page, or on your Instagram Profile with the hashtag #CLUBWAKATrivia.
  • You will get 1 extra point for each additional teammate that posts about trivia on Instagram.

Here is the point value breakdown:

  • 1st Place - 10 social points
  • 2nd Place - 5 social points
  • 3rd Place - 2 social points
  • 4th Place - 0 social points

Pro Tip:  Bring a larger team to have a better chance of getting the questions right.  12 heads are better than one!

Next Saturday: Halloween Bar Crawl In Camarillo!

Halloween Bar Crawl

Come out in your halloween costume and have some fun hopping bars with the CLUBWAKA Dodgeball League.  We finish by 8:00pm, so you still have time to get to your friend’s party or bar of choice!