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 Happy Weekend kickballers!!!

  • Please PRINT OUT your player's card to show at the gate. Unfortunately some softball players tried to make a fake WAKA card and used their phone to show that gate attendant. Due to this Victory will only accept the printed card starting this week!!!!


  • EARLY REGISTRATION CLOSES MONDAY!!!! The price goes up by $5 on Oct. 15th (MONDAY)! Get registered before then to save $$$$

Charity 50/50 Raffle:
This season we are doing a 50/50 raffle for charity! The grand prize will be 50% of the money brought in from the raffle. The second prize will be a free season of kickball! The third prize will be a free season of dodgeball! More prizes will be announced in the coming weeks! Tickets will be one ticket for $1 or seven tickets for $5. For those of you who feel especially lucky, you can also get fifteen tickets for $10! So far we have raised $92.00. That’s $46.00 in the prize pot so far. Keep buying tickets and make the prize bigger!
These are the charities that have been submitted. Please email me to vote on your choice! Currently FlorenceCrittenton of Arizonahas the most votes!!! This is the last week to decide!!!
Teentrak USA( – “Teentrak USA is a not for profit organization established to provide investigative assistance and relevant resources and technology to parents of missing or troubled youth.” Submitted by Jason Brown on Sofa King Awesome.

Kids Café ( – “The mission of Kids Cafe is to alleviate childhood hunger in Arizona by providing nutritious meals in a safe, accessible and nurturing environment to children at-risk of hunger… In addition to an evening meal, Kids Cafe sites offer children homework assistance and a chance to exercise their talents in art and sports. Many sites offer computer and nutrition education as well.” Submitted by Jami Vallelonga from Old People Kickin’ It.
FlorenceCrittenton of Arizona( – “Florence Crittenton of Arizona is a non-profit 501C(3) organization that has served Arizona's girls and their families for well more than a century. Today we offer a comprehensive continuum of care designed to help at-risk girls from 10 to 21 overcome issues of abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, and behavioral and/or mental health problems.” Submitted by Ragen Jauregui of Old People Kickin’ It.
Playoffs October 29th, 2012:
It has come to my attention that we have several football season ticket holders who cannot make the scheduled playoff night of October 29th. If this affects you please email me and let me know. If enough players are affected we might try to change that night. **So far I have heard from very few people about this, so as of now the playoff dates will remain unchanged....**
***Winter 2013 Season of Kickball Info***:

  • September 21st – Early registration, $70.00 per player
  • October 15th – Regular Registration, $75.00 per player
  • November 15th – Team Registration Deadline
  • November 12th – Late Registration, $79.00 per player
  • November 26th – Pre-Season Party, pick-up games and rules clinic
  • December 3rd – Week 1 of games
  • December 10th – Registration Closed, Week 2 of games

The Winter 2013 season will be 7 weeks long (9-10 weeks total including pre-season week and playoffs). Games will be 6 innings or one hour, whichever comes first. There will only be a 5 minute grace period for all game start times! Games will be held to their start and end times. For example, if a game is scheduled to start at 6:30PM but doesn’t start until 6:35PM, it will still be called for time at 7:30PM. The amount of games played will depend upon the final amount of registered teams. I will still schedule double headers if the number of teams permits it. The minimum number of players for a team is 18!
***Winter Sand Dodgeball Season Info**

  • September 21st – Early registration, $70.00 per player
  • October 16th – Regular Registration, $75.00 per player
  • November 16th – Team Registration Deadline
  • November 13th – Late Registration, $79.00 per player
  • November 27th – Pre-Season Party, pick-up games and rules clinic
  • December 4th – Week 1 of games
  • December 11th – Registration Closed, Week 2 of games

Dodgeball will have 7 weeks of regular season play as well as 1-2 weeks of playoffs and a week for the pre-season party. The minimum team size is 12 players, and you must be able to have at least 3 men and 3 women on the court at the start of each game. Matches are 45 minutes long consisting of as many 5 minute games as can be played in that time period. There will only be a 5 minute grace period from the schedule time before games must begin. WAKA dodgeball uses the NADA rule set with a few modifications for each league.
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See you on the field!
Brandon Farmer
AZ Victory Customer Service Representative
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