Spring Season Recap

Congratulations go out to Recess Allstars, who took down the heavy favorites to run away with the league title, Project Mayhem. With a come from behind 4-3 victory in an intense and exciting game, the Allstars claim the title of reigning AZ Victory Champions.

Furthermore, congratulations to all of AZ Victory on completing another successful season, highlighted by our fundraising success. Through midseason and end of season party raffles and our Penny War (see details below), we surpassed our goal of raising $1000 for our charity, Liver for Kelsea the Spring season!

Penny Wars

A huge 'Thank you!' to all that participated in this season's Penny War! Through the War alone, we have raised over $650 for our Spring season charity, Liver for Kelsea. More than $230 of that was in pennies alone! Congrats to Recess Allstars, who pulled off the upset for the War win by lingering just far enough out of the lead that not a single negative point was earned. And congrats to Where My Pitches At? for bringing in by far the most money of any team. By intimidating us all with giant boxes and bags of pennies (WMP collected nearly 14,000 pennies!), they set the target on their backs bringing in another $150 from other teams just to offset their donations. Considering the impressive totals brought in by AZ Victory as a whole, we had to up our prizes a little and reward our top three finishers, Recess Allstars, Pitch Slapped, and Where My Pitches At?! Thanks again to all that participated!

Final Penny War Standings
1. Recess Allstars 3078 points
2. Pitch Slapped 1650 points
3. Where My Pitches At? -1074 points
4. Kickin' It Old School -1218 points
5. The Fockers -2065 points
6. Blumpkins -2546 points
7.(T) Booze Clues -2845 points
7.(T) Keg Kickers -2845 points
9. Project Mayhem -6468 points