Syrina's Gift

Syrina is a warrior! She's been battling cancer all year and continues to gift everyone around her with her amazing spirit, positive attitude, and a gorgeous smile. Her family's resources have been going to keeping her healthy this year, so let's team up to give Syrina a great Christmas!
All year long we Play and Party with WAKA, here's our opportunity to Give!

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Syrina's Story

Hi, My name is Syrina Gonzales, I am 18 year's old. I was diagnosed 1 month after my 18th birthday... I have been receiving treatments for the past 9 months and still fighting this battle. Its been an emotional rollercoaster. At times I feel lonely, but then I realized I'm not alone. I have my hospital family for support, and I love each and everyone of them. Its been one heck of experience and I hope to get better as soon as possible. Thanks for everything :) live laugh & love ♡

1. Play Station 3
2. Play Station 3 (listed twice because she wants one so bad)
3. Play Station 3 controller 
4. Headset for Play Station 3
5. Nail polish and design pens
6. Syrina wears size 13 pants and size 9 shoes. She loves strech skinny jeans!

Gift cards:
1. Walmart
2. Target
3. Zumies
4. Game Stop
5. Microsoft
6. Play Station Network
7. Golden Corral
8. Olive Garden
9. AMC Theaters


Give towards Syrina's PS3! Just use PayPal Here  and your donation to We'll keep you updated!

If you'd like to purchase an item and card for Syrina, please coordinate with Brittish to give it to him by Dec. 21st