1. Social Chair:
Plans and organizes all social events throughout the season including the pre-season,
the mid-season, and the end of the season party. Also acts as a liaison to the sponsor
bar regarding all after games events.
2. Charity Chair:
Designates a charity in which the division will collect and donate money to
throughout the season. Plans and organizes all events where charity funds are raised.
This can be done in coordination with the social chair.
3. Referee/Equipment Chair:
Coordinates referees and equipment for each game. Ensures that referees and
equipment are present in enough numbers at each game. Usually requires the design
of a schedule for equipment and refs at each game. Responsible for maintaining
equipment during season.
4. Publications Chair:
Responsible for authoring the “Ghost Man on Third” online magazine. Pretty much
just a write-up of everything that happened the previous week at the field and any
post-game activities that may occur. Should be funny and creative…..this is a lot of
fun. Please look at other division web-pages for ideas. Is also responsible for writing
up a final Ghost Man at the end of the season summarizing the highlights!!!
5. Awards Chair:
Responsible for organizing and creating awards throughout the season. Examples
include biggest lush, biggest playa, etc. to be voted on every week. Also responsible
for end of the season awards/trophies to be distributed at the end of the season party.
6. Webmaster:
Responsible for maintaining the website. This is
totally yours…..usually has the division schedule, stats, newsletter [Ghost Man],
board of directors, maps, info on the sponsor bar, and pictures!!! And whatever else
you think would be good!!!