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January CS Department Newsletter

Marketing This Month:

Tomorrow 1/15 is National Hat Day! Join us in promoting the hashtag #HatDaySelfie on Instagram as we spread the WAKA Love! Look for a blog post tomorrow and more info shared on the Staff Facebook Page as we get going!

Corporate Teams
One of the quickest ways to score 18 players is to recruit company teams! HR departments have a spankin' new budget to spend for 2015 right now, so go out and recruit company teams!

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Dewar's Winter/Spring:

Our second round of Dewar's Highland Honey promotions are on the horizon! CCs in LA, Houston, Miami, Austin, and Boston can expect to see representatives with swag, photo backdrops, games, and free product to hand out to players during the Winter and Spring seasons, and some coordination on your part may be requested. Please contact sponsorships@kickball.com with any questions and check out this info doc here: DEWAR'S INFO

January Rock Stars

Daryl Bullinger

Daryl has always been a great addition to our team. In October we opened registration for our Winter SOP, not scheduled to start until January and he was able to push almost 20 registrations in the very first week that registration was opened!

Heather Seiler

Heather has done an awesome job in Amarillo and is working hard to start a brand new bowling league! She goes above and beyond to improve the community in Amarillo!

Krystin Apodaca

Krystin did an awesome job as a new CC in the fall season. She received some of the best survey results we have seen in a long time in her new league! She jumped in quickly and made the league her own!


League Page Beautification

We've made huge strides in providing high quality landing pages for prospective customers with the addition of automated Regional Pages for every MSA (Don't know what I'm talking about? At the top of your League Page you'll see a header that says Region >> League Name - Season Name. Click the region name to see your beautiful regional page that all our digital advertising drives customers towards!) and it's time to start improving on the consistency of the League Pages as well! New training will be available soon, based on this checklist of awesome things we'd like to see on every single League Website. Examples of all the elements listed below can be found in THIS EXAMPLE LEAGUE PAGE.

ABOVE THE FOLD (Use the League Level News Block)

  1. An attractractive banner image.
  2. A directory of helpful links below the banner such as "WAKA Rules", "GMOT Blog", "Captains' Duties", "Registration Info"
  3. A succint, positive tagline describing your league (The first line of text on your page will likely be archived by browsers and be displayed in search results: make it count!)
  4. Smiling faces of happy customers! Try images like this one: WAKA COLLAGE
  5. Clean and attractive buttons linking to Social Media channels.                          
BELOW THE FOLD (Using the SOP Level News Block)
  1. A header noting the current registration status of the league (this MUST stay up to date! If it's wrong, users won't trust your website)
  2. A bulleted list of Key Info about the league. This should include a summary of what your registration gets you (number of games, parties, bar specials, tournaments, etc: play it up!), culture information about your league (post-game social scene, legendary parties, etc).
  3. A bulleted list of important dates such as registration deadlines, regional events, and parties. Pro Tip: italicize and grey out past events so that the list remains easy to read but still seems full of awesome stuff.
  4. Embed an awesome WAKA video like any of the following:​
  5. Embed the Like Box Social Plugin for your Facebook Page!

Contact training@kickball.com for assistance with making your page awesome!

Running Volleyball Leagues

The first in a series of guided discussions for CCs was extremely successful: 14 different people called in to talk about the future of WAKA Volleyball leagues! If you missed it and want to know what was discussed, check out the minutes of the meeting here:

Volleyball Discussion Minutes

Ski Trips This Winter

There are two amazing WAKA Events Ski Trips currently open for registration: make sure your customers are aware of these awesome Events, and sign up to take advantage yourself!

Now, go forth and spread the good word, WAKA CCs! Winter leagues are starting to begin, and now is the time to find new and awesome ways to  provide the best WAKA experience possible for your New Year's friends! Best Parties, Best Games, and Best Friends!

Thank You & We Love You,
The CS Management Group
Jimmy, Kristen, Stephen, Lundy, Sa, Cullen, Nathan, Rory, Amanda, Karen, Eric, Ben, John&John

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