Hoodie Promotion

WAKA Hoodies Now On Sale

Greetings WAKA Nation!

As the days get shorter and the mercury dips lower it becomes more and more important to bundle up and protect oneself against the icy grip of the elements. While many of you have taken to wearing your WAKA shirts on top of your jackets in order to continue differentiating yourselves from the faceless masses, we recognize that this is not the most elegant solution to the problems that cold weather can present us with. Thus, by extremely popular demand, WAKA hoodies are now available in the WAKA store for a limited time!

To be the first kid on the block sporting a sleek and comfy kickball hoodie head to [URL HERE] and place your order today! Hoodies are moving at a price of $40, which includes shipping to any location in the continental United States. This offer is available for a limited time only, so don't get left out in the cold: order today!

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