Party Patrol

The best weekend of your life is almost here! We're so excited to spend the weekend with all of you in Vermont and party our faces off! For those of you who have never been on a WAKA event, hold on to your ski bibs! The WAKA Party Patrol will be in full effect and ready to help you have the most fun possible! Meet the Team below:

Blaha - Party King who reigns from Houston, TX. Blaha is known for getting engaged multiple times at every WAKA event. He is always smiling, having a blast, and in costume. Give him a high five but watch out if he gets down on one knee!
Lundy and Kristen - Find this original Party Patrol crew sporting SEVERAL different onesies throughout the weekend! They love hugs, meeting EVERY single person at WAKA events, and exchanging fun swag! 
SAdizzle - The coolest of the cool. Sa will be your event Captain, gambling advisor, and instigator of all things awesome and alcoholic.  Give this guy a high five and pat on the back for what will be the most fun snow trip ever!
Eric - The North East's fresh new face of WAKA.  Get to know this guy, he's lots of fun and has great costumes. Let's show him how we party WAKA-Events style, and give him the best welcoming party ever!

Look for us at the parties, at the indoor waterpark, out on the slopes, or roaming around the resort. Feel free to high five us, ask us questions, tell us your deepest, darkest secrets, or just completely ignore us. Whatever it is, we're here for YOU!