CA Mercury has completed its Fall 2009 season!

Congratulations to Balls and Dolls for winning the league tournament. The Sex Panthers were the regular season winners and tournament runner's up.

Fall 2009 Schedule-with Playoff Info!

Regular Season Final Standings

Week One Newsletter!

Week Two Newsletter!

Week Three Newsletter!

Week Five Newsletter!

Week Six Newsletter!

Week Seven Newsletter!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 15: Free Pick-up Game @ 7:30PM
Tuesday, September 22: Free Pick-up Game @7:30PM
Tuesday, September 29: 1st night of games, 7:15 & 8:10PM
Tuesday, October 13: 1st Flip Cup Tournament, 9:45PM @ the Arena
Tuesday, October 27: Team Halloween Costume Contest & 2nd Flip Cup Tournament-9:45PM @ the Arena
Tuesday, November 10: Beer Pong Tournament, 9:45PM @ the Arena
Saturday, November 21: League Play-offs: 10AM-5PM
Saturday, November 21: End of Season Party: 9:00PM