Halloween Theme Week! Flip Cup Challenge!

Hey Dodgeballers!

This weekend is going to be packed full of fun CLUBWAKA Dodgeball activites.  Our first midseason social, the Halloween Bar Crawl is this Saturday, and this week is Halloween Theme Week!

...but first, let's update you on the social standings!

Social Standings

Bar Closers Ians Birthday
Bar closers staying late for Ian Warkol's Birthday!

  • 1st Place - Cups & Balls (14 points)
  • 2nd Place - So So Joes (12 points)
  • 3rd Place - The Beastie Balls (5 points)
  • 4th Place - Balls Out (4 points)

Cups & Balls took home the most points by winning this week's Trivia Challenge, but So So Joes is right on their heels.  They gained a good amount of #RefLove and #BirthdayLove points.

Halloween Bar Crawl - Saturday!

Halloween Bar Crawl

Come out in your halloween costume and have some fun hopping bars with the CLUBWAKA Dodgeball League.  We finish by 8:00pm, so you still have time to get to your friend’s party or bar of choice!

Week 2 Game Schedule - Halloween Theme Week

Halloween Theme Dodgeball
Wear your Halloween costume to the games this Sunday!

Here is the schedule for this Sunday (Oct 28th)

  • 4:00pm - The Beastie Balls vs Cups & BallsReffing: Balls Out
  • 5:00pm - So So Joes vs Balls Out.  Reffing:  The Beastie Balls

Here is the link the entire season schedule:  https://www.kickball.com/node/985798/schedule/view.

Please arrive a few minutes early to warm up or if you are reffing.  We get access to the gym at 3:45pm.

Week 3 Social Challenges

All of the social challenges take place at our host bar, Azar's Sports Bar & Grill.

  • We get 20% off of our food and drinks! (15% off tabs under $20)
  • Sunday Night Football
  • This week's game is New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings
  • World Series Game 5 (if needed)
  • Game 5 is at home: Boston Red Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers

Social Challenge #1:  #RefLove

Ref Love

#RefLove is a social challenge every week, and a great way to appreciate your referees by buying them a beer or a snack.  Here are the full instructions:  https://goo.gl/cvFNUi.

Social Challenge #2:  Halloween Theme Photos

Team Photo
This is a fun challenge that is great for the most spirited members of our league.

  • Have everyone on your team wear a halloween costume to the dodgeball games on Sunday.
  • At the bar, take a team photo and post it on the CA Oaks Dodgeball Facebook Group with the hastag #HalloweenWeek.
  • Get everyone to like your photo!
  • The team with the most likes on their photo will get 5 social points!

Social Challenge #3: Flip Cup!

Flip Cup
We will be playing a flip cup tournament for this week's main social challenge!

  • Each dodgeball team will assemble a 5-person team to compete in flip cup
  • Based on the social challenge rankings, the teams will be seeded into a single-elimination tournament bracket.  See below for the bracket placements.
  • Flip cup match will be played the best of 5 games, with the starting cup alternating so each team member starts 1 game.
  • The winners of the first 2 matches play for 1st and 2nd place, the losers of the first 2 matches play for 3rd and 4th place.
  • Players who prefer not to drink may play with water instead of beer.
  • Your team can get up to 2 additional bonus social points by posting a photo of your game in the CA Oaks Dodgeball Group with the hashtag #FlipCup.
  • Never played Flip Cup before?  Here is a totorial for you: https://goo.gl/1AqszQ

Flip Cup Bracket

Here is the point value breakdown:

  • 1st Place - 10 social points
  • 2nd Place - 5 social points
  • 3rd Place - 2 social points
  • 4th Place - 0 social points