Karaoke Rules

Wear your WAKA Player T-Shirt or wear a costume.

Not all members of a team are required to sing.


Season Structure

Teams will consist of 6 to 8 performers with at least 3 of both sexes.

Each team will need a captain and co-captain who will be in charge of submitting their song list each week.

The regular season lasts for 6 weeks and will be followed by 1 week for playoffs.

A new theme for karaoke will be chosen every week.  80s, 90s, One Hit Wonders, Holiday, Boyband/girlband, Disney, etc...

Each team gets 2 songs each night in which to compete against their opponent.  The rounds shall be solo feature and group performance.  Group songs can have 2-6 performers.  During solo rounds the singer will be allowed to use his/her teammates for props or dancers but they are not allowed to sing.

After noon on the Sunday before competition, each captain shall submit a list of their chosen songs to the WAKA representative.  If two teams choose to sing the same song on the same night, whomever submitted the song first will sing that particular song.

Once a song has been sung it may not be sung again.  A running list of already played songs will be available on the league site.

Season rankings are determined by number of points.


After every performance, a panel of judges will score the singers on two 10 point scales on how well they:

 “Sing It” (singing ability, song difficulty, encorporating multiple teammates in groups songs)

 “Bring It” (showmanship) – dancing, costumes, audience interaction, etc.

The Score will then be averaged and combined with....

Facebook Judging

Videos will be uploaded on the following Thursday of League play to the league page at www.facebook.com/OCLiveKaraokeLeague/
Points will be awarded for number of likes on the original video only on a desending scale dependant on how many teams are in the league.


The top 3 teams at the end of the season will qualify for the Ultimate Sing Off held at our End of Season Blowout Bash March 11th!