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WAKA believes in it's players owning their kickball experience to make their league fun and self gratifying. 

There are several positions we look to fill each season, but your help and skill set is not limited to only these positions.

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Guide for Everything
The WAKA representative oversees the league operations and leads the League Committee.

Whether you're just learning the ropes or trying to build a better league your CSR is here for you.

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Community Chair 

Our community chair helps select our charity and keep the league and players involved in positive ways with the local community.



Social Chair 

The expectations of a social chair are to plan appropriate social events in a timely manner and to be creative.


Media Chair 

This person loves to create and publish information about the league whether it be in a newsletter, photos, or on social media!



Head Referee & Equipment Chair

This person is passionate about the game & rules. They will help coordinate referees for the season and ensure equipment is set-up each week.


Committee Member

Maybe you just want to help in anyway, you know like Santa's Little Helper.  Become a general committee member.



Photo Chair

Maybe you love to take pictures and would post them in a gallery!


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