Board Members

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WAKA Rep - Karen Heffelfinger, Your Mom

President - Ryan Lapine, Pitches with Attitude

Vice President - Krystle Tabangcura, Zing!

Treasurer - Ryan Goodwin, Your Mom

Social Chair - Ginelle Torres, Your Mom

Social Committee - Brooke Bauer, Your Mom

Social Committee - Valerie Wang, Los Borrachos

Social Committee - Danielle Deveau, Los Borrachos

Charity Committee/Social Committee - Liz Weisman, I'd Hit That

Charity Committee - Heather Hutt, Zing!

Charity Committee - Laela Reino, Broken Trojans

Ref/Rules Chair - Tom Reino, Broken Trojans

Ref/Rules Chair - Bryan Crocker, Hot as Balls

Ref/Rules Chair - Oliver Will, Huge in Germany

Newsletter - Alex Sale, Hot as Balls

Webmaster - Sean Scissors, Hot as Balls

Equipment - Kelsey, ""