CA Viking WAKApalooza

WAKApalooza 2017 will be held in Las Vegas from Wednesday, October 4th – Monday, October 9th.
Whatever you do:
(unless said wedding or vacation will be in Las Vegas)

WAKApalooza is CLUBWAKA’s national kickball tournament and party extravaganza! Over 3,000 kickballers descend on Las Vegas for a week of partying, hanging out, and kickball. Leagues from across the country send players and teams to participate in the kickball tournaments and social games. The WAKApalooza kickball tournament is broken out into three types: the Founder’s Cup, Open Kickball, and Fun Games.
CA Viking highly encourages all its players to attend and participate in WAKApalooza as it is a great way to interact with kickballers from around the country and experience how other leagues play kickball.
In order to foster unified CA Viking teams and representation at WAKApalooza, the Viking league suggests putting together “tournament” teams catering to each of the kickball tournaments. This will allow players to get an idea of how their fellow teammates play, determine a kicking order, identifying field positions, and develop comradery. Planning is key and starts with our summer season; that said we’d like to have all the players who are willing to make a “soft” commitment play on the same team(s). Then in the fall season all the players who have made a “hard” commitment would play on the same team(s).
  • A “soft” commitment: You’re down to go and excited to play. You’re “like 80% sure”, but need to double check your vacation time and budget.
  • A “hard” commitment: You signed up to play in the tournament, booked your accomodation, and you’re waiting for WAKApalooza to roll around!
By sending our players to WAKApalooza we help put the CA Viking league on the national map.
Let’s make this happen!

Below is a recount of what I experienced at WAKApalooza
I want to start by saying that with most things in life, it is what you make it. The same holds true with WAKApalooza. If you want to casually meet people, there are over 3,000 kickballers attending. If you want to party your face off there are more than enough opportunities to do so. If you want to gamble there are plenty of tables around. If you want to participate in light-hearted and non-competitive kickball there is the Fun Games tournament. If you want to play semi-competitive there is the Open Kickball tournament. And, if you want to go pro there is the Founder’s Cup tournament. There is something for everyone.
My 39 hour Vegas trip started Friday at 8pm when I arrived at the LINQ hotel. After I checked in I headed straight to the pool party. Since I was by myself, I knew I had to meet people ASAP otherwise I risk getting labelled the weird creepy guy in the corner. With a bit of liquid courage I began to talk to people and… everyone was so friendly. After a while, I finally met up with my kickball team! I was free agent placed onto a team with players from Connecticut, LA, and Washington. It was great to meet them in the flesh and blood since we had only been communicating via Facebook. We chilled for a little while and at 1:30am decided to call it an early night as we had kickball tomorrow.
After my breakfast-of-champions meal (eggs, bacon, sausage, doughnuts, more bacon, and a mimosa) I hopped onto the shuttle to the park. This park is massive and contained over 30 kickball fields! My teammates showed up in relatively good condition and came bearing gifts, which included our custom shirts. Not sure of the athletic prowess of my team, and in conjunction with the opposing team holding an organized warmup, I was a bit nervous. Nevertheless, I was ready to play and ready to represent Walnut Creek/CA Viking over the course of our guaranteed three games. Now, not to scare you off, but if you think some Viking-ers play tough kickball, these folks bring it to another level! Next thing you know the game has started and it’s my turn to kick. With a slight tap of the ball I bunt the ball down the third baseline; I got on base! Now, I could write three pages more about our games, but here are the cliff notes. We ended the day with three losses: 10-0, 8-3, and 5-3. We were knocked out of pool play and didn’t get the chance to advance to the single elimination brackets. I kicked 6 times and got on base four, scored one run, and made some decent plays at 1st, 3rd, and in left field. All-in-all I was pleased with myself and the team.
Kickball was now over, time to party! Well… before partying I accidently passed out in my hotel room with the TV on and forgot to set my alarm (rookie mistake, I know). I jolted up at 10pm thinking I had missed it all. Looked at my phone and noticed numerous missed calls and texts from my teammates. I got in touch with my teammates and we set a rendezvous point. I quickly got ready and walked out of the hotel in my finest club clothes. I met my teammates at the Omnia club at the Caesar's Palace. Let’s just say the last time I looked at a clock it was 5am. I woke up at 8am to get ready for my flight- I was off to a slow start. Eventually I made it to the airport. As we pulled away from the gate I was sad to go, disappointed I hadn’t spent more time at WAKApalooza, but happy to get home to tell my story.


Las Vegas, NV