CA Viking League Committee Positions

CLUBWAKA believes in its players owning their kickball experience to make their league fun and self-gratifying. There are several positions we look to fill each season. With your help and skill set, together we can make each season a great season. We firmly believe in a collaborative approach and appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Nothing is ever set in stone as we realize greatness comes with constant refinement, self-assessment, open discussion, and taking action. We can't achieve our goals without your help.

The Community Coordinator oversees the league operations and leads the League Committee. All committee members work together and communicate regularly regarding their week-to-week observations. Our weekly duties include: voting on social challenges; discussing what worked well and what didn't work well; suggestions for improvement; and relaying any questions, comments, and concerns from the players.

So, whether you're just learning the ropes or a veteran, you just want to build a better league. To do this, your Community Coordinator and league needs you.

Social Chair:
The social chair is arguably one of the most important members of the league committee. Essentially, you rally people! The expectations of the social chair are to suggest next season's photo and video challenges and theme nights. The social chair also serves as a reminder to all players and teams to participate in social challenges.

Photo Chair:
Your photos may not have been accepted by National Geographic, I'm sure you're good enough for us. Photos are great way to capture great kickball moments. Whether we're on the field, at the bar, or just out and about our photo chair is capturing all the best shots. After you sift through all the photos, you'll post them to our Facebook page.

Media Chair:
This person loves to create and publish information about the league whether it be in a newsletter, photos, or on social media. Other leagues have had great success producing weekly newsletters or videos. We're open whatever you think is best! Let's work together to communicate to our players

Community Chair:
Our community chair helps select our charity and keep the league and players involved in positive ways with the local community. You'll develop a roadmap on how we'll interact with our charity. You'll talk to players to encourage them to participate in any activities surrounding the charity, which may include donations; fundraising; participating a walk, run, or bike event; etc.

Head Referee & Equipment Chair:
This person is passionate about the game & rules. They will help coordinate season referees, ensure all referees are in place, and may occasionally referee should a team not fulfill their reffing obligation. Unfortunately, the fields don't set or clean themselves up. You'll be pulling double duty as the Equipment Chair side of the position requires you to arrive before the early game and leave after the late game. The players may not thank you, but your Community Coordinator sure will thank you.

Committee Member:
Maybe you just want to help in any way possible, but can't make the commitments of the other chair positions. Become a general committee member and voice your thoughts