Field Locations

Location of CA Viking Fields

We've been at Heather Farms Park for several years now and we play our games on Field 1 or Field 3.  Both fields are located on N. San Carlos Dr. with Ygnacio Valley Rd. being the cross street. Our baseball diamonds are labelled: Dirt, Grass 1, Grass 2, and Grass 3. The diamonds get their names from the reference point of home plate on the Dirt field. Grass 1 is down the dirt 1st baseline. Grass 2 is in center field (behind the dirt 2nd base). Grass 3 (with one exception) is down the dirt 3rd baseline.

Field 1

Field 1 is largest of the two fields and is located at the corner of N. San Carlos and Ygnacio Valley Rd. When on N. San Carlos make your first right into the parking lot. Bathrooms and a drinking fountain are located behind the dirt 3rd base dugout. Below are two photos of Field 1, depending on the number of teams playing we play with either three or four baseball diamonds. 

Field 1 - Three Diamonds

Field 1 - Four Diamonds

Field 3

Field 3 located a bit farther down N. San Carlos Dr. and a right can be made into the Field 3 parking lot at the first stop sign on N. San Carlos Dr. This is the smaller of the two fields thus we're only able to fit three diamonds. However, there is still plenty of field space for all our out fielders! Bathrooms are a short walk down past Field 3 and behind the 3rd base dugout of Field 4.


Heather Farms Park
N. San Carlos Dr. Walnut Creek, CA
United States
37° 55' 18.0408" N, 122° 2' 34.8" W