Viking Rules

Viking Rules

First and foremost, we want to encourage players and teams to play as much kickball as possible. We recognize by fully complying with the rules this may limit the amount of kickball played or may detract from the overall light-heartedness of kickball. In kickball, there are a few grey areas. With these grey areas we recommend the captains determine how they would like to interpret these rules to govern the game. Rules should be agreed upon prior to the start of the game. Refs must fully acknowledge the acceptance of the altered rules. Should the captains not agree, the game will be governed by the official kickball rules. Should the captains agree, the game will be considered a “competitive” game, thus the outcome will count toward official league standings.

Rule: No additional safety base may be used at any base other than first base.

  • Mandatory Rule Change: To avoid collisions at home plate, a safety base shall be placed at home plate.
    • The extra base shall be placed in line and five feet to the right of home plate outside of the third base foul line.
    • An out at home plate shall made as a forced out. The catcher may step on home plate while demonstrating control of the ball or may tag the runner, regardless if the runner is forced to advance to home plate.
    • The runner must use the safety base should a play involving home plate will occur. For a play that will not involve home plate, the runner may use home plate
    • The catcher must make the play at home plate and not the on extra base

Rule: The minimum number of players required to play are eight. Should a team not produce eight players they shall receive a game forfeit.

  • Suggestion 1: Allow the shorthanded team to play with fewer than eight players
  • Suggestion 2: Allow players from other teams to join the game

Rule: A minimum number of four men and four women are required to field a team. Should a team not produce four men and four women they shall receive a game forfeit

  • Suggestion 1: Allow players from other teams of the appropriate sex to join the game to meet the minimum number required
  • Suggestion 2: Penalize the shorthanded team with one out for every male or female they are short. This rule is in effect for every full inning the team is short. For example, team A is short one female and team B has a full team. Team B would get an extra out for team A’s player shortage. Team B would play the inning(s) with four outs while Team A would play with three outs

Rule: Players arriving late may not play if their team has been once through the kicking order.

  • Suggestion: Regardless of number of cycles through the kicking order, allow late players to play immediately if fielding. Append the late player to the end of the kicking order

Rule: Regulation games are five innings or 50 minutes

  • Suggestion: Before the start of the game, captains decide how many innings to play, minimum of five and maximum of nine. Should a game reach five innings prior to 50 minutes, the agreed upon full “extra” innings will be played until 50 minutes is reached.

Rule: Bunting is permitted at any time by both men and women

  • Mandatory Rule Change: Bunting is illegal.
    • Balls must be kicked with INTENT, with a straight as leg as possible, with any part of your foot; So, it is best if you follow through with your leg swing as much as you can.
    • If a kicker attempts to kick as hard with a full leg swing but kicks the ball in a bad spot where the ball flies up and lands only a short distant in front of the kicker, that is still a kick. 
    • If a kicker kicks the ball but does not follow through with a leg swing but the ball still goes past the pitcher, that is still a kick.  So, if you are umpiring, keep that in mind when calling bunts or kicks. Some kicks can be tricky but ultimately it is your call to issue it as a bunt or kick.
    • If called a bunt, it will be called as a foul ball and you have to re-kick. Remember you only get 4 fouls.
  • Suggestion: None

Rule: Alternative rules

  • Suggestion 1: Require all players to run the bases in reverse
  • Suggestion 2: Require all players to have an open beverage in their hand at all times. Should kicker spill their drink, it will count a strike. Should the runner spill their drink, they will be out. Should a fielder making a catch or a tag spill their drink the runner will be safe
  • Suggestion 3: Non-dom. Kick and throw with your non-dominant leg and arm.
  • Suggestion 4: Gambling. The runner, safe on base, may “gamble” with the baseman/woman using RPS. Should the runner win they can advance a base. Should the runner lose, he or she is out.
  • Suggestion 5: The huddle. With the exception of the catcher and pitcher all fielders huddle at 2nd base. When the pitcher releases the ball, the huddle can break and all fielders can move in any direction.