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Viking Weekly Update

October 15th, 2012


CA Viking Summer 2012 Playoffs!

Get ready for playoffs! Please refer to my previous e-mail or the bottom of this weekly update for playoff information!

Everyone still has a chance of placing in the playoffs!!!!

Unless we have a last minute change (pending until tomorrow morning) we will be holding our End of Season Party this coming Friday October 19th, 2012!

We will now be on field number 3!

Check the schedule below for upcoming matchups this week!

Remember the rules set in place by the city, alcohol on the fields will not be permitted, please save this for the bar following the games!

Our bar is Masses Sports Bar and Grill!

The schedule could be found on our homepage at.. www.kickball.com/season/cavikingsummer2012 
or at 


Umpires/Reffing and Game Day Information...

Each Team will select 6 players to act as umpires on your assisgned umping days! Please Read the Rules before it is your turn to ump!!!

Playoffs to be explained later in the season!

Though I encourage all to read the schedule, here are the weeks matchups!

6:30pm Game Heather Farms Park Field Number 3 by the dog Park!

6:30PM Game(s) 1st Set
Field A (Dirt Field) 
 (WCB) vs (TBB)
Winners will advance to next round
Field B (Grass Field)
 (Fun) vs (Fun)

7:30PM Game(s) 2nd Set
Field A (Dirt Field)
(KYB) vs (KG)
This will be the Championship game for 1st and 2nd place!
Field B (Grass Field)
(KBA) vs (Winner of first set WCB or TBB)
This will be to determine the 3rd place team!

Umpires for week 4..
1st Set
One player of each team to help with this game
2nd Set
(6 Participants from the Game 1 loss, WCB or TBB)

(provide 6 total players, try to arrive 15 minutes early, and READ the rules link below...!)

Teams must consist of 4 guys and 4 gals to avoid a forfeit!

I encourage all to read the rules at... 

Become a part of our group or like our page on Facebook where I will be putting updates and other information up including pictures throughout the season, you can post pictures and updates as well, link below! Click the link or visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483064888373395/





Upcoming Dates

October 16th - 
Welcome to the playoffs!

October 16th/19th - End of Season Party! I will inform you the morning of the 16th on day confirmation.


No alcohol on the fields

We are now playing on field number 3, remind your friends!

Rule Tip of the Week

I would like to thank everyone for an awesome season, the mid-season party details will be released tomorrow morning

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