Lake Forest Kickball Regular Season Rules

This season will have it all and will be set up to challenge all players of every experience level.

Check out some of these new & exciting twists to the game:

  • Beat The Spread – Ever play those pesky A level teams that dominate the season and go undefeated and beat all the newcomer teams by 12+ runs?? Well now each game each week there will be a spread set up that the A level team must beat. Example; Game has Team A favored to beat Team B by 6 runs. Team A now starts the game down 0-6 and must beat the spread….what?? No more easy games for anyone.

  • Girl Know How To Score – On a selected week. Every even inning a female player will start on 3rd base and let’s see if you can get her to score!

  • Off The Tee - On a selected week. Selected inning in the game ball will be placed on home plate with no pitch for kicker to kick or bunt off of.

  • Home Run Extravaganza. On a selected week. Home Runs will count for an additional run.

  • Overtime In Regular Time – On a selected week. How good are you in OT? Well now every inning is OT rules and runner will start on 2nd Base. If you got into actual OT normal rules apply with no runner.

  • No Bunts, No Bunts, No Coconuts. - On a selected week. No bunting allowed. Finally outfield gets some action!

  • Highway To The Danger Zone – How about having to play kickball with zone areas that if the ball is caught in will be worth an extra out or in it lands in an extra run?? BoooooM!

  • Chicks Rule Guys Drool – Reverse Co-Ed with an all-girl infield!