Beer Ban in the works for Denver Parks

Thank you Patrick Brown from KIFAC Denver for thoroughly researching and providing a great resource of information to kickballers all over Denver!!

Hello fellow park users,

The headline is true.  A ban of all beer is planned for Washington Park.   Presented as a one-year "trial ban" to be evaluated for extension, our sources indicate this trial is simply a front to make the ban appear as though Denver Parks and Recreation is thoughtful and evaluative when making policy changes.  Our information indicates that the ban is predestined to become permanent and then expanded to all Denver City Parks.   Whether those reports are true or not are yet to be seen, but the lack of public dialogue in advance of this proposed policy change seems to support its validity.
The days of enjoying a beer while recreating in the park, playing sports in the park or even enjoying City Park Jazz may soon come to an end. 
Councilman Chris Nevitt is fronting the ban with a "policy change request letter" to Denver Parks and Recreation.  However, because Denver Parks and Recreation operates autonomously and can institute any policy changes without the approval of City Council, it is the opinion of our political gurus that this is simply a political move to take the controversy away from Mayor Hancock and his appointed Manager of Denver City Parks, Lauri Dannemiller, as those two individuals hold complete power in implementing such policy changes.
Our sources indicate the only thing that will stop this policy from being implemented is an extremely large public response leading to the determination that this is not a smart political move.
What can you do?
1.    Spread the word!  This proposed ban just came to light at the end of last week and any interested people need to be made aware immediately.

2.      If opposed to the ban, sign an online petition "Stop the proposed ban on legal consumption of alcohol in Denver Parks."

3.    Attend the Community Meeting hosted by Councilman Chris Nevitt, the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association, and Denver Parks & Recreation this Wednesday, April 9th at 6pm at Denver Baha'i Center, 225 East Bayaud Avenue.  Full details are below.
4.    Contact the office of Councilman Chris Nevitt, Councilman Charlie Brown, Mayor Hancock and Denver Parks and Recreation to let them know your opinion of the policy.  Contact links are provided below.
5.    Join the Facebook Page "Stop Councilman Nevitt's Proposition to ban alcohol from Wash Park" to get more information.

THANK YOU.  And keep on kicking!

Contact Mayor Hancock
Contact Denver Parks and Recreation
Contact Councilman Chris Nevitt, Council District 7 Office at720-337-7777, or via email at

Contact Councilman Charlie Brown (also representing Washington Park), Councilman District 6 Office at 720-337-6666, or via email

The following link is to a Denver Post article on the ban.

Community Meeting Invitation
Please join Councilman Chris Nevitt, the West Washington Park Neighborhood Association, and Denver Parks & Recreation for a community meeting on alcohol restrictions and enforcement in Washington Park. After several years of dramatically escalating alcohol issues, restrictions are being proposed as a pro-active measure before we reach the peak of summer activity and pressure on the park and surrounding community.  At the meeting, Denver Parks & Recreation will present various options for alcohol restrictions and enforcement. This is in response to an increasing number and severity of complaints and concerns from park users and nearby residents, as well as a request from Councilman Nevitt for an alcohol ban. These complaints range from lewd or disruptive conduct, litter throughout the park and in neighborhoods, public urination, illegal parking blocking driveways, alleys, and sidewalks, loitering and defecation in alleys, and other deleterious quality-of-life issues - all stemming from the over-consumption of both legal and illegal alcohol in Washington Park. Your attendance and participation at this meeting is critical to identify solutions for creating a safe, welcome, and family-friendly environment for Washington Park and its environs, and we hope to see you there.

As a potential decision may impact current Washington Park permit holders, Parks & Recreation will work with current permit holders to address options available and any concerns.

For questions, please contact the Council District 7 Office at 720-337-7777, or via email at