CO Mile High Head Referee Program


If you're interested in becoming a Head Referee please e-mail JR at

Program Details :

  • - A referee will be required to pass an administered referee quiz with and 90% or higher average

  • - Test will be administered at any point before or during the regular season of play

  • - Test will be conducted by the WAKA Representative

  • - Upon becoming a Head Referee this person will no longer be counted as a Referee provided by a team

  • - Example: Ryan Martin of Bayside High is a Head Ref and Bayside is scheduled to Ref Game #2, as is Ryan Martin. Bayside will be required to provide 2 referees over and above Ryan Martin.

  • - Head Referees will be required to alert WAKA Representative, President or Vice-President as to an availability conflict immediately

  • - Failure to be present at the required game results in forfeiture of gift certificates earned

  • - It is not required that a Head Referee be a member of the current season of play, but must have had WAKA experience

  • - As a bonus for assistance Head Referees will receive a $5 Gift Certificate to the League Bar for each game refereed

  • - These can be accrued and paid out at the end of the season, or can be paid at referees request

  • - Referees that Referee 8 or more regular season games get a $10 Gift Card as a bonus