CO Mile High Spring Weekly Update

Happy Kickball Eve!
Does everyone have their taxes done?! Hopefully you're all getting a refund. If not and Uncle Sam took all your money, please don't steal our donated canned goods tonight. They aren't for you. :)
Thanks to everyone who made it out to the mid-season party on Saturday! We had a blast! Hopefully you gave your liver a good workout with all the free drinks.
Social Point Standings - Alright everyone, CFB has been in the lead all season. Make them live up to their name and make them come from behind!!
Teams with double headers: Basic Pitches & Cannlabs
Co-op karaoke - Details
Continuation of canned food drive - Details (points have changed)
1. Team Shots: Picture of teammates taking shots at the bar. Minimum 2 people. 1 pt per person, max 5 pts.
2. Flip Cup Freeze Frame: Picture of a player playing flip cup with the cup in the air mid-flip, the players face should be in the picture. 5pts. Max per team per week, 25 pts.
3. Kiss a Kickballer: Get a picture of your teammate kissing a kickballer from another team, no couples. 5pts for both teams in the photo. Each player can only be in 2 pics per week. Must be consensual!!
4. Ref Appreciation: Buy your ref a drink and take a picture of you, them and the drink. Now 10pts!
PLAYOFFS - Save the date!
When: Saturday, May 16th
Time: 10am - 3pm
Where: Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Field 10
There is no qualifying so every team is eligible to play!!
See you tomorrow!
Trey & Michelle