Opening Day Details

Final deets + parking + Phil will be dressed like a chicken + other really cool stuff

Happy Kickball Opening Day Denver!!!  Get ready to have your socks rocked off, I hope you have been hydrating and carb loading in preparation for a night of kickball and fun :)
The birds and the bees are out in full force today, and unless there's some sort of freak el nino action between now and game time (knocking on every piece of wood available) the weather for tonight looks amazing!

Game Time: 6:30 + 7:30
Rules and Ref Meeting 6:00
Game Schedule

What do I do if I get lost on the fields, need a jello shot, or need someone to tell me how sexy I look in my throwback t-shirt?
Find someone in a red WAKA Staff shirt or Phil in a chicken suit (he's WAKA staff too...just ran into a strategic issue of not being able to fit the staff shirt over the chicken suit)

Can my friend(s) still sign up?
Yes! Registraiton will stay open until next Tuesday! Get on it!

How do I get to the bar after the games?
Directions for you right HERE.

Where do I go for an awesome recap of games, some smack talk, help plan parties, to find out more about rules, and catch up on league gossip?
The official WAKA Denver blog - The GMOT - features recaps, gossip, and more!
The WAKA Denver Facebook Page - pictures of you sexy people every week, smack talk, updates, parties, events, contests and more!
WAKA Head Referee Facebook Group -  Will you be a head ref or base ref this season? Do you love learning the rules? Will you be talking to the refs this season? Join this group for fun discussions of the rules, tough calls, and more!
WAKA Social Board - Do you like parties, charity events, and knowing the ins and outs of all the plans for this season? Join this group and get connected with the WAKA social community!
Where do I park??
At the fields: 
The lot just west of the fields off of Birch St. is open parking, but fills up fast!
Street pakring on Birch St.
The shopping center just west of the fields - the spaces closest to the shops are short term parking, but the lot is public and there's an awesome super dive in there called Dr. Proctor's (which some of you may remember from last season :) )
The lot north west of the fields is for Glendale facility staff. It is sometimes closed off and not public parking - I don't recommend parking there! To my knowledge no one has ever been ticketed or towed, but no one wants to be the first.
DO NOT PARK in the apartment complexes near the fields. They have very active tow companies!
At The Lift:
In front of the bar, in front of strip with the paint store just to the east of the bar and in the office building lot across Leetsdale. Please be VERY VERY careful crossing the street!! I recommend going to the light at Holly.
DO NOT PARK at the dairy - it's pretty much impossible to get in there. But don't do it even if you can. 

Other Cool Stuff:
The JCC just down the street from The Lift is offering an exclusive membership package to WAKA players! It's an awesome facility with great equipment, two basketball courts, and lots of classes to choose from!
1 yr contract just:

$39/mo for individuals
$59/mo for a couple

Contact Yuri Tavbin to get your butt in shape for kickball and summer today!
Looking for a new way to bring home the bacon? One of our very own has shared that the Hyatt Regency in the Tech Center has a bunch of full time openings! Check them out HERE.



Your WAKA Denver Staff - J3, Golden, Kate, Jeremy, Phil + Lydia