Social Points



Week 1 - Challenge: Puzzle Race. Each team will receive a puzzle. Everyone will start with a puzzle of equal piece count. At the signal the team will open the box and start the puzzle. First team done with their puzzle wins.

Week 2 - Theme: Show Your Pride. Wear what you are proud of. Not everyonr on the team has to be proud of the same thing. Ex. Sports team, country, LGBT, etc.

Week 3 - Challenge: Orange Pass. Minimum 3 participants. Keep passing in alternating order until the orange drops. No time limit. Team with the most successful exchanges wins.

Week 4 - Theme: Stars and Stripes: 'Murica. No prize for theme. Prize for challenge.
Week 4 - Challenge: Balloon Toss. 6 participants from each team. A balloon will be given to each pair. The judge will arrange participants in two lines. Pass, catch, then step back. Last team standing wins! This challenge will happen at the end of the games at field 1.

Week 5 - Challenge: Flip Cup Tournament: 1 pitcher buy in per team. Single elimination bracket. Minimum 5 cups per side. If one team has more than 5 the other team must match the cup count.

Week 6 - Theme: TBD

Week 7 - Challenge: Relay Race on the Field: 4 participants, 2 boys, 2 girls per team. The ball must be handed off at each leg. Each runner is on a base to start with the first leg starting at home. First leg must bunny hop from home to first, second leg must run backwards from 1st to 2nd, third leg must skip from second to third, anchor leg must one legged hop from 3rd to home. Clock stops when player touches home. Breaking form on your leg or passing the ball results in a 5 second penalty per infraction. Fastest time wins. This will happen between the early and late games on field 1.

Week 8 - Theme: Beach Party!