CO-Mountain WAKA Fall 2012 - Social Calendar

Oct 4: PLAID!  Plaidmania! Plaidapolooza! Plaid Day Afternoon! I think you get the point.  Wear your plaid and win your team a few pitchers.  Could this get any better?

Oct 11: Regular Game

Oct 18: Cops and Robbers!  Are you good or bad?  Here’s your chance to pull out those fuzzy pink handcuffs we all know you have and put them to good use.

Oct 25: Regular Game

Oct 27: Saturday Playoffs and Super Hero Theme!  This will be a great time to be you.  I know you’ve been dying to wear those new red undies over some blue tights and dawn a cape!  Here’s your chance to do it.  Also,  you’ll get a chance to see what these people you’ve been playing kickball with for the past few weeks look like in the light.  More details to follow

Nov 10 - MID-SEASON PARTY (and yes, it’s not exactly mid-season)
Details TBA, but we’ll be doing a pub crawl with sponsors drinks and specials at different bars.

Dec 8: End of Season Party That is Not Anywhere Near the End of the Season (that’s a long title)
We’ll be ending another great season of kickball in style.  I have no idea what kind of style as we haven't made plans yet, but it will be awesome.  I promise.  And if it sucks, I’ll happily refund all high fives that I’ve given out this year.