Phil and Me



Well hello all my ballers! Thank you for joining another season of Friday night WAKA kickball! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Phillip aka Non Offensive aka Chopper Jones aka whatever else you come up with this season. This will be my 11th season as a player and the 4th season as a staff member. You have just joined a new family, we are crazy, fun, and you can count on us for pretty much anything you need. You can find me on game nights this season setting up the fields probably with a 4 loko in my hand. Come say hi and welcome to the WAKA family!


I am a transplant from Albuquerque and have been playing every season on multiple leagues out there since 2009.  I even ran a league for 2 years!  Though I am competitive, the most important part of Kickball is the social experience.  The friends that I have met in kickball from across the country are some of the best people around and I cant seem to give that up.

We welcome you to the league and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to find us on the field or at the bar!

Your Denver Radical Team