Cornhole Rules


CT Cornhole Rules

Game Setup:
Depending on space available, two boards shall be set up facing each other with their hole centers 27 feet apart from each other. The front of the box constitutes the foot foul line.

Game Play:
  • Regular season matches will consist of 3 games of 3 for a full match of 9 total games (all games count).
  • All 3 games per set of 2 teammates will go to 21.
  • ​3 matches of two 2 players per team shall play. Teams will form pairs amongst their players. Partners shall stand at opposite boxes aligned with each other.
  • Each team shall have four bags of one color.
  • All eight bags will start at one end.
  • Teammates on the roster are allowed to sub in between throwing turns but not mid throwing session. One female must be playing at all times.
    • Teams are only allowed 4 subs per round of 3 games.
    • ​A player whose game has concluded on a set of boards may not sub into a game already in progress.
  • Rock, paper, scissors shall determine who begins the game and who must set their lineups first. Winner of best-of-one will have choice on throw OR lineup. Loser of best-of-one will have choice on the other.
    • The team that sets their lineup first will have to have their partners at the boards. The team that sets their lineup second will then have their partners go to the desired boards. This will occur for all three rounds.
    • The team that throws first will throw first to start all three rounds.
  • A player may throw from anywhere behind the foot foul line (which is the front of the board) while staying on their half of the board. Game continues by alternating throws between the two opponent players until all eight bags have been thrown.
  • If a bag hits the ground and then bounces up onto the board, the bag shall be taken off the playing surface before the next throw and does not count in scoring.
    • If a bag hits another bag that is on the floor and bounces onto the board as long as the bag thrown doesn’t hit the ground at any point in that sequence, the bag counts as one point as long as it also lands on the board.
  • The team that scored the points the previous round, will throw first in the next round. If there were no points scored in the previous round, the team that threw second, will throw first.
    • Example: Team A threw second in the last round and no points were scored. In the next round, Team A will throw first.
  • The game continues until the first team reaches 21 points.
  • If a team goes over 21 points, they will go back to 12 points.
    • ​The team that went over 21 will throw first the next turn. 
    • It is each team’s responsibility to know the score.
  • All players that show up must throw four bags per match (3 games) and must have a female throw four bags.
  • A player cannot play in more than three games a night.
  • Each team is allowed two challenges per match. These can only be called by the captain or co-captain and must be called before another toss occurs.
    • An example of a challenge would be if a bag is hanging off the front of the board and is scored a point but the opposing team believes the bag is being supported by the ground and should not be scored a point.
    • In order to test the challenge the community coordinator, at the end of the round, will lift the front edge of the board. If the bag in question falls to the ground it will not count. If the bag clings to the board it will be counted. Note: only the bag in question can be affected by this challenge.
    • You cannot challenge if someone foot fouls, the community coordinator has discretion to make this call

A foul occurs when any of the following happens:
  • A player’s foot goes past the foul line, termed a foot foul.
  • A player goes out of turn.

The player that caused the foul loses the throw when the foul occurred and the bag shall be removed if it landed on the board .

The score shall be taken after all bags have been thrown for a frame. In league and tournament play teams subtract scores to determine the amount scored in each frame.
Points shall be given as follows:
  • Three points for a bag that goes in the hole.
  • One point for a bag that is on the playing surface.
  • One point for a bag that is hanging into the hole.
  • One point for a bag that is hanging off the edge of the board but not touching the ground.
  • One point for a bag that is on the board but touching the ground, if while conducting the challenge, the bag stays on the board.
  • One point for a bag that hits another bag that is on the floor and bounces onto the board as long as the bag thrown doesn’t hit the ground at any point in that sequence.
  • Zero points for a bag that is on the board but touching the ground, if while conducting the challenge, the bag falls off the board.
  • Zero points for a bag that is hanging off the front of the board but is resting on a bag on the ground, unless the bag on the ground can be removed without causing the bag on the board to fall off, then one point is given.
  • ​Zero points for a bag that is on the ground.
  • ​Zero points for a bag that bounced onto the board. Remove this bag before the next throw.

Game Start Time, Equipment, and Forfeit Policy:
  • Games are required to start on time and last no longer than one hour from the scheduled start time.
  • Any team that does not have a minimum of one female at the boards at game time shall lose a four toss rotation for every five minutes you are not ready. Every 15 minutes your team is not ready, you will forfeit one game. After 45 minutes, you will forfeit the match, resulting in nine losses for the night for your team.
  • You may play parts of your 3 games within the match. For example, if you only have 4-5 players show up, you can play 2 sets of 2 people with the chance to win 6 games. The third set of 3 games will be counted as a 3-0 loss. You will need to let the league's coordinator know beforehand that you expect to be short players.
    • Exception is that you have the opportunity to bring one person to sub in for an active player on your roster, but again you have to email the league's coordinator their name and who they are subbing for prior to that night's game. All nine games will count if you have one sub.
  • CLUBWAKA provides the boards and the bags. You must leave the bags on the boards after your game concludes.
  • If needed, captains are required to reply back to your CC’s email request for final scores within 48 hours. Otherwise, the match may be marked as a forfeit.

  • All rounds will be played with same rules from the regular season.
  • You will play 3 sets of 3 games to 21. The team that has 5 or more victories will win that round and advance to the next round.
  • There will be no time limit on these rounds.
  • There will be no subs allowed for the playoffs. If your team does not have six players, you will forfeit three games on one set of boards.
    • ​For example, if you have five players show up, you will forfeit three games. Six games are still up for grabs for advancement to the next round.

  • Because this league will be held at our sponsor bar, there will be a very small chance of cancellation. The only factor will be weather. With this league being played in the late fall and winter, if there is a snowstorm that results in dangerous driving conditions for players, that week’s games will be cancelled. A cancellation will be determined by the Community Coordinator by 5 PM on Game Day. The CC will email the league of a week’s cancellation. It is the job of the captains’ to follow up and ensure that their team has received the email and knows the week’s games are cancelled.

  • Captains are responsible for the conduct of themselves and their teammates. CLUBWAKA can and will suspend or terminate players who violate the rules or do not act in a sportsmanlike manner. This behavior is specific to actions towards teammates and the opposing team but does not exclude behavior towards bar staff and/or employees of our sponsor bar.
  • ​If multiple players are acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, the match will result in a forfeit (all three games).
  • Only captains and co-captains can “discuss” calls with the Community Coordinator.

Team Rosters:
  • CLUBWAKA may add players to your roster as needed for a maximum of 10 players. There is a minimum requirement of 2 females and 2 males per team and minimum roster size is 7 people.
  • All players must wear an official CLUBWAKA shirt for that league and it must be your team’s color.
  • All players are entitled to an equal amount of playing time as CLUBWAKA “owns” the team rights not the captain.
  • Cornhole is different than any other sport; if you can't make one week's game, you can have a friend show up for you so your team does not have to forfeit. You will need to email the league's coordinator with the name of the person that will be subbing for you that night.

League Bar and Parties:
  • CLUBWAKA is a social organization and fully expects team captains to encourage their teammates to official league bar and attend the parties. We pride ourselves on bringing a great social experience in addition to our sports and encourage players to meet new people and enjoy the social scene created by CLUBWAKA.

Help Us Help You:
  • CLUBWAKA urges captains and players to discuss with your league Community Coordinator any issues that we need to know about. General safety and player satisfaction is our most important goal.