DC Freedom Flipcup Rules

Special Note:
---Because of the large amount of teams this season, please be extra considerate of your table use at the bar. This means: if you have already played your official match, please give up your table if there is a team waiting to play theirs.
---Also note: We will be the only league in the bar -- upstairs table use (mainly in the back room but also in the dining room) is acceptable if both teams agree.

---If you kicked with them, you flip with them.
---If you forfeit your kickball game, you forfeit your flip cup game.

Game Format:
---Only team members can participate in official matches.
---Teams consist of at least 5 players, no more than 7 (due to table space). Any amount higher than 5 per side must be agreed upon by both teams. Both teams must have the same number of flippers.
---Each match is played until one team wins 5 games. (Best of 9.)
---Each team must have at least one male and one female flipping.
---Fill to the bottom line of the cup, or another amount that is even with the player with whom you match up.

Game Rules:
---Each cup must be resting on the table prior to flipping. Do not hold the cup to flip.
---No backboards (other cups/pitchers/objects used to assist your flip).
---Players should keep their cup on the table until the previous player’s cup is 100% face down.
---Once a team’s lineup is set, there are no substitutions and no changing of order for the entire match.
---In the event that the final flippers on each team conclude their flips at the same time, they shall have a 1 v. 1 flip-off (that is, just those two people). If they tie in this flip-off, they re-flip, but with 2 cups each (then 3, 4, etc.) until one wins; the flip-off winner’s team wins the set.

Send your scores, highlights, pictures and gripes to: flipcup@dcfreedomkickball.com