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League Leadership

Hello, eager kickballers!

We're eager to bring WAKA Kickball to the Inland Empire this year, but we need your help!

What can you do? 3 things:

1. Send a blank email to
this address to join the email list for the region - that way you'll be sure to be in the loop as we open registration for any leagues in your area! (And tell your friends to join the list too - this helps us know how many of you are ready to play!)

2. Take the poll on this page (just below the kickball logo at center) - help us determine what location is most convenient for you!

3. Contact us if you’re able to lend a hand in getting WAKA Kickball rolling in your area! Do you know of an available field to play on? Let us know where! Would you like to be on the founding League Board of Directors (see right column)? Let us know where you are and how you’d like to help!

A WAKA League is much more than just a kickball league – it is a community, a unique, inclusive, co-ed social-athletic experience!

With the help and guidance of your local WAKA Representative, the League’s Board of Directors plans the league’s day-to-day operations, manages the league budget, and plans at least 2 league parties per season.

Whatever your talent or interest, the Board can use your help! Do you like planning events with other people’s money? Want to help with the League newsletter or website? Have some ideas for charity fundraisers? Are you rules-minded and want to keep league referees on the same page? Or do you just like getting together with other cool people to create something silly and wonderful? Contact us to volunteer!

Finding a Field 
What else?

What makes a good kickball field?

- A Soccer or Football field
- A Softball or Multi-Purpose Diamond
- An open grassy space (200 Sq Ft +)

Lights are ideal for weeknight play, though we can use an unlit field for a weekend day league (or weeknights before sundown in Spring/Summer).

Is the field near some cool potential League Bars?

Who permits the field? (A city department, a school, a private owner?)

When does the field seem available?

The more info you can provide the better, but every tip is appreciated and will be explored!


WAKA Kickball seasons last for 8 games, after which all teams advance to a single-elimination League Tournament.

Teams can have up to 26 players, and Leagues can have up to 16 teams.

Registration fees range from $60-$70, varying with the cost of fields in an area.

Players may register as an Individual and be placed on a team – or, you can create a Group your friends can join. This will keep you together as the final Teams are formed.

Each week after games, all players are encouraged to visit the League Bar (TBA) for discounts on food and drinks. 

For more answers to common questions, to review the Official WAKA Kickball Rules, and more -  please see the links at the top of this page!

Happy kicking!!