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League History

Season 1 Fall 2003
WAKA's FL Bayshore League was made up of only four teams: the Snak Paks, The Randolphs, Short Bus, and the infamous 'White Team'(really called Get Your Kicks and they aren't to be confused with Your Mom!). The Dubliner was our league bar and our games were played at a park off of McDill. Our first season, while fun for many, was somewhat disorganized and many players dropped out towards the end, so we really didn't have a Tournament, just a series of friendlies. If there had to be a Regular Season Champion, it would probably have been the 'White Team' (who actually quit before the end of the season). The Crystal Pitcher award started in Season 2. If we had it in season 1, it probably would have gone to the Snak Paks.

Season 2 Fall 2004
Our league grew to five teams: the Snak Paks, Team Brun, the ToeJammers, Ballbarians, and Name Pending. Our games were played at Al Lopez park and Leroy Selmon's was our league bar. Team Brun was an expansion team, but didn't have enough players to make a full team, so players from the previous season's Randolphs and Snak Paks joined them to help out. Team Brun would go on to finish the season undefeated; the only Bayshore team to do so, and won the Regular Season Championship. The Snak Paks won the Tournament, and Name Pending won the Crystal Pitcher.

Season 3 Spring 2005
The league grew to 9 teams: the Snak Paks, the Tighty Whities (formerly Team Brun), the ToeJammers, Ballbarians, Old School (formerly Name Pending), Drunk Friendz, Shaky Alibis, Vote for Pedro, and the Ballbusters. We continued to play at Al Lopez park but MacDintons became our new league bar. Old School dominated that season winning both the Regular Season Championship as well as the Tournament (in the hottest kicball game ever). The expansion team Drunk Friendz won the Crystal Pitcher. This was also to be our last season at Al Lopez park.

Season 4 Winter 2006
The league kept MacDintons as it's league bar, but moved the games to the PAL Fields while the league grew to 12 teams: Your Mom (formerly the Tighty Whities), the ToeJammers, Top Shelf (formerly Vote for Pedro), Old School, TBN (formerly Drunk Friendz), Shaky Alibis, Balls Deep (formerly Ballbarians), along with the expansion teams the Ligers and Alcoballics (formerly the Ballbusters), Recess Rebels, FSU Ballers, and the Whizzinators. The Toejammers would go on to win the Regular Season Championship, the Ligers the Tournament (in the coldest kickball game ever), and the players of TBN would win the Crystal Pitcher for a second season in a row.

Season 5 Fall 2006
We maxed out the allowed number of teams in the league, which prompted WAKA in starting a second league in Tampa called the Breaker League. In the Bayshore League, all the teams from the previous season would return with the unfortunate exception of one, the Whizzinators, who have been missed. The returning teams included Your Mom, the ToeJammers, Top Shelf, Old School, TBN, 4th Grade Allstars (formerly Shaky Alibis), Balls Deep, Ligers, Alcoballics, Recess Rebels, Team USA (formerly the FSU Ballers), along with the expansion teams Balls to the Wall, Screaming Seagulls, Team Ramrod, CMC, and the LitiGators. Team USA dominated in the regular season but Top Shelf suprised everyone with a stunning victory in the tournament. TBN again won the Crystal Pitcher for an unprecidented 3rd straight time with the 4th Grade Allstars claiming top prize in the flip-cup tournament.

Season 6 Winter 2007
This season we saw 15 teams register for the FL Bayshore League. This made scheduling tricky as each team ended up with a bye week. Season 6 saw the return of the Ligers, Alcoballics, Top Shelf, TBN, Team Ramrod, Balls Deep, ToeJammers, Your Mom, Recess Rebels, Playground Bullies (formerly Balls to the Wall), Cox Soccer (formerly Team USA), Up Dog (formerly CMC), and the Tacos (formerly Screaming Seagulls). Meanwhile the Regulators and Shake N Bake introduced themselves to the league. Instead of having a standard mid-season party we decided to have a pub crawl instead and it was wildly successful as we raised over $2700 for PAL. Later that week we were saddened by the news of the tragic death of our friend and WAKA Rep, Christine Hodill, and the rest of the season was dedicated to her memory. The regular season was tight but Shake N Bake was able to claim the best record in the end while Playground bullies won the playoffs. The ToeJammers were able to celebrate a long awaited victory in the Crystal Pitcher vote while the Ligers proved to be the best at the flip-cup table.

Season 7 Summer 2007
Summer of 2007 saw season 7 get back up to 16 teams with the Alcoballics, Cox Soccer, Ligers, Playground Bullies, Regulators, Shake N Bake, Teachers Pet (formerly Recess Rebels), Team Ramrod, Slimers (formerly the Tacos), TheBeerNuts, ToeJammers, Top Shelf, and Your Mom returning. Joga Bonito, Pick Me Up, and TBE Enginerds were all new teams to the league. The Playground Bullies posted the best record in the regular season and Pick Me up won the playoff tournament against Top Shelf. TheBeerNuts were able to return to glory and won the Crystal Pitcher and the Ligers won the flip cup championship.
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Season 8 Winter 2008
In the winter of 2008 we played our 8th season and again we were at our maximum of 16 teams. The Alcoballics, Ligers, Pick Me Up, Playground Bullies, Shockers, Superbad (formerly TBE Enginerds), Team Ramrod, TheBeerNuts, ToeJammers, Top Shelf, Where My Pitches At (formerly Shake N Bake), Yeagabombs (formerly Teachers Pet), and Your Mom all returned. Kick in a Box and NKOTB were new teams entering the league. The ToeJammers were the dominant team, winning both the regular season and the playoffs. Yeagabombs were probably the most improved team and made it to the champioinship game as well as winning the Flip Cup Championship. The Ligers won a much deserved Crystal Pitcher championship.
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Season 9 Fall 2008
Season 9 for the Bayshore League was in the Fall of 2008. It was our largest season yet with 386 registered players. Our returning teams were the Alcoballics, Ligers, Menace to Sobriety (formerly Team Ramrod), NKOTB, Pick Me Up, Playground Bullies, Shockers, Superbad, TheBeerNuts, ToeJammers, Top Shelf, WAKAshame (formerly Where My Pitches At), Yeagabombs and Your Mom. Balls and Dolls and Team Fabulous (formerly Team Turtlehead from the Breaker League) are new to the league. At our league party the Ligers were able to claim thier 3rd ever flip cup title. Yeagabombs were able to claim the title of regular season champions for the first time. The championship game had the surprising matchup of rookies Balls N Dolls vs the cinderella Shockers with Balls N Dolls proving victorious. Superbad won the Crystal Pitcher.
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Season 10 Spring 2009
Tragedy struck again in our offseason as we lost one of our most popular players, Leif Nissen, in a car accident. It was with a heavy heart that we started our 10th season in the Spring of 2009 as we had a moment of silence to remember Leif and the 2 year anniversary of Christine's death. The ToeJammers, Yeagabombs, SuperBad, WAKAshame, TopShelf, Ligers, NKOTB, Balls N Dolls, Shockers, Team Fabulous, Pick Me Up, TheBeerNuts, and Your Mom all returned and Menace to Sobriety returned with a new name, Team Jeff Rich. Two new teams joined the league, the MasturGators and the Superstars (which was made up of a combination of last year's Ligers and Alcoballics to honor Leif). NKOTB showed that they had the right stuff on the flip cup table at the league party. The Yeagabombs and ToeJammers both played 9 weeks of perfect kickball until the Yeagabombs were upset by Superbad in the last week of the season, giving the ToeJammers the title of regular season champions with a 10-0 record. They coupled that with a playoff tournament title for the Bayshore League's first ever perfect season. TheBeerNuts were able to capture their 5th Crystal Pitcher award. A permanent plaque was installed at the PAL concession stand in honor of the memories of Leif and Christine with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."
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Season 11 Fall 2009
Season 11 was our largest season to date with 390 player. We had our maximum of 16 teams for the 5th straight season. Returning teams were Balls N Dolls, Ligers, NKOTB, No Game This Week (formerly Team Jeff Rich), Pick Me Up, Shockers, Superbad, Team Fabulous, Thee Beer Nuts, ToeJammers, Top Shelf, WAKAshame, Yeagabombs, and Your Mom. The Alcoballics had a reincarnation and KickTease was new. At the midseason party the Ligers reclaimed their dominance on the flip cup table by winning their 4th Flip Cup title. The regular season was pretty tight but Superbad was able to claim the top spot in the standings when the season was over. The playoffs were very heavily contested and we saw 2 games go into extra innings (played Kansas City Style). In the end, the Alcoballics won the championship game against the ToeJammers. The Alcoballics were also the first team in our league to win the Crystal Pitcher award and a Championship.
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Season 12 Winter 2010
Season 12 was the 6th season in a row, and 7th overall, that we had a full 16 teams. Our returning teams were Alcoballics, Balls N Dolls, Ligers, Pick Me Up, Shockers, Superbad, Team Fabulous, Thee Beer Nuts, ToeJammers, WAKAshame and Yeagabombs. Also returning was No Game This Week who changed their name to Off Constantly and Top Shelf decided to change their name to Dollar Wells after a rough season in Season 12. The Playground Bullies returned to the league after taking 2 seasons off. I'd Kick That were a new team, made up from what was left of Kicktease and we were also introduced to Camel Toes 2.0. We unfortunately had to start off the season by remembering another player who was taken too soon, Sydney Doll Whitcomb. We separated the league into 2 conferences and Conference B showed in week 8 that they were the stronger league by posting a 1-6-1 record against Conference A. Balls N Dolls were able to post the best record in the regular season. At the midseason party the ToeJammers were able to claim the title of best flip cup team. During the playoffs the Ligers were voted to be Crystal Pitchers and the ToeJammers won the tournament after 3 straight extra inning games. The Championship was a marathon 8 inning game.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
ToeJammers 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 4
Superbad 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0

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Season 13 Fall 2010
We had another great season in the Fall of 2010. The usuals of Alcoballics, Balls N Dolls, Ligers, Off Constantly, Pick Me Up, Shockers, Superbad, Team Fabulous, THEE Beer Nuts, ToeJammers, WAKAshame, and Yeagabombs were all back for more. Top Shelf/Dollar Wells returned with another new name and were known as Bye Week for this season. We were also introduced to Brown Chicken Brown Cow, I Need a Refill and I'd Kick That. Parity was the name of the game this season as an amazing total of 12 games resulted in draws. The parity continued into the playoffs as the final 2 teams were the #8 Yeagabombs and the #10 Alcoballics. Yeagabombs were able to best their opponents for their first title.
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Season 14 Winter 2011
The Winter 2011 season had some changes for us as we had some new look teams. Our returning teams were Pick Me Up, I Need a Refill, Balls N Dolls and the Camel Toes in their 3.0 edition. Debauchery made the jump over from the Tuesday night Breaker League and we also welcomed Ro-Sham-Bo, Rocky Tops, Your Balls My Foot, Gnomie Don't Play That and Strike a Trot. The regular season was dominated by Pick Me Up who went undefeated and only gave up 3 runs against all season. Unfortunately for them their dominance could not continue into the playoffs as they lost in a close 2-1 game against Ro-Sham-Bo who went on to defeat Balls N Dolls in the Championship game. 
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Season 15 Fall 2011
Our 15th season gave us another exciting fall. The veteran teams of I Need a Refill, Balls N Dolls, Pick Me Up, Debauchery, Your Balls My Foot, and Camel Toes were all back for more action while Off Constantly was looking for a triumphant return to the league. Our new teams included Ballsagna, Gator Done, Thunderstruck, Team Awesome Ball Kickers, Looking to Score, Red Balls and Lick Her and Ballistic Logistics. At the top of the table the veteran teams of I Need a Refill, Off Constantly, Balls and Dolls and Pick Me Up looked to be in a 4 way heat for regular season dominance but in the end, I Need a Refill was just able to take the top prize in the tie breaker over Off Constantly. It was really no surprise that these 4 teams would end up being the final 4 in the playoffs with Off Constantly besting Pick Me Up in the finals. 
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Season 16 Spring 2012
Coming soon..
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Historic Breakdown of Champions

# Season Regular Season Champions Tournament Champions Crystal Pitcher Winners
1 Fall 2003 Get Your Kicks na na
2 Fall 2004 Team Brun Snak Paks Name Pending
3 Spring 2005 Old School Old School Drunk Friendz
4 Winter 2006 ToeJammers Ligers TBN
5 Fall 2006 Team USA Top Shelf TBN
6 Winter 2007 Shake N Bake Playground Bullies ToeJammers
7 Summer 2007 Playground Bullies Pick Me Up TheBeerNuts
8 Winter 2008 ToeJammers ToeJammers Ligers
9 Fall 2008 Yeagabombs Balls N Dolls Superbad
10 Spring 2009 ToeJammers ToeJammers TheBeerNuts
11 Fall 2009 Superbad Alcoballics Alcoballics
12 Winter 2010 Balls N Dolls ToeJammers Ligers
13 Fall 2010 Superbad Yeagabombs Shockers
14 Winter 2011 Pick Me Up Ro-Sham-Bo Your Balls My Foot
15 Fall 2011 I Need a Refill Off Constantly na
16 Spring 2012 TBD TBD TBD