Spring 2009 Playoffs

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Gates will open at 10am. Games will be started on time so make sure you get there early and give yourself enough time to set up your tent shade. We are allowed to grill out and the concession stand may not be open.

For the playoffs the fields will be switched around since we won't need lights and we can have 4 games going on at once. Fields 1 and 2 will be back to back near where Field B was during the regular season with Field 1 facing the concession stand. Field 3 will be in the area that we usually use for parking and Field 4 will be on the softball field.

Reffing assignments are as follows: In the first round, if your team plays at 12pm you will ref the 11am game on the same field and vice versa. Each team will be responsible for providing refs for the round of games after your team is eliminated, so each team (with the exception of the finalists) will be responsible for reffing 2 games. Example: if a team plays at 11am and loses they will have to provide refs for the 12pm game on the same field AND for a 1pm game.

WAKA League Tournament Guidelines