Hey Riptiders,
This is it!!!  Next weekend is our mid-season party… well its more like an end-of-regular-season party, but that takes too long to say.  Here are the details:
Where:    Shooters Waterfront Café.  3033 NE 32nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale 33308
When:     Saturday afternoon, Oct 22nd, from 1:00pm to 7:00pm
Why:       To celebrate the WAKA Riptide league
Who:       All players and their friends.  Everyone is invited.
Shipwrecked Theme- People can dress as captains and sailors of a ship, or pirates trying to steal the booty (did I just say that?!).  And let’s not forget that mermaids also rule the sea!!   People can go all out with full costumes, or just wear hats and other fun accessories.  It’s basically anything to do with the sea.  Remember, this is a pool party, so try to incorporate your costume/accessories with a swim suit!
For those of you who remember the party from Fall 2010… it’s the same place!  That party was a blast, and this one will be even better… and here’s why: 
Drink Specials:
Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Light Lime buckets for $10
Presidente buckets for $15
El Mayour Blue Agave teguila shots for $3
2-4-1 Fat Tuesdays frozen drinks
These specials are available all afternoon!!  That’s right, from 1:00 to 7:00pm … these are some of the best specials we’ve arranged all year, so take advantage!!
We are also going to have tables set up for flip cup and beer pong.  So make sure to grab a bucket or two and hit those tables.  There will be a live DJ playing amazing music, its going to be a crazy party!  And for those of you lucky enough to own a boat, or even better, have a friend who owns a boat (yeah), then you can dock it right alongside the pool.   Shooters is located along the inter-coastal and there is a HUGE boat dock available to use for free.  Please email me if you wish to bring your boat, so we can reserve a spot for you. 
For those of you who wish to stay in the shade, there is a large tiki bar near the pool with flat screen TV’s.  They will be playing FOOTBALL all day, so no worries about missing the games.  And of course, they have a full kitchen with outdoor and indoor seating, so feel free to grab a bite to eat. 
I can’t wait… its going to be a great time.  I expect all teams to show, and of course, we’ll be having a bonus Olympic event.  I will announce it next week.  All teams must be at the party to participate!  Woo hoo.
See you next week!