The St Johns League was the 2nd WAKA Kickball League in Jax, and the first near the beaches.

St Johns continues to grow and generate both competitive and fun kickball teams. St Johns teams consistently finish in the top teams of WAKA Jax Regionals, proving that they're just as good as the original, downtown Atlantic league.

Season x Summer 2009

Tourney Champs: Scorgasm
Tourney 2nd place: Drinkers with a Kicking Problem
Regular Season Champs: Scoregasm

League Teams: Alcoballics, Ginger (kick)Balls, Kickers Anonymous, Kickheads, New Kicks on the Block, Suck My Kick

Season x Fall 2008

Tourney Champs: Cobra Kai
Tourney 2nd place: Commotion from the Ocean
Regular Season Champs: Cobra Kai

League Teams: Ballswell, BAMF Ballers, Ballbusters Part Deux, Blue Ballers, Drunk and Looking to Score, FreeBallers, Kickin Wings, Kicking Balls & Taking Names, Klutho Kickers, Mudville Mullets, Pumpkin Smashers, Shaver Beard and Liquor, Sphere in Doctrine