Park Rules

Please read the following park rules carefully. They will be strictly enforced.

The fields are managed by the either a City, Organization, State or County so we need to pay close attention to their rules to ensure field use and also enforce a few of our own to maintain these fields each season..

Pets are not allowed at the field. Please make plans to keep your pets at home.

Alcoholic beverage containers are not allowed at the park including the fields & parking lot at any time. Glass bottles of any kind or similar bottles with metal bottle caps are not allowed on the fields. Funnels, Kegs and Party Balls or similar items are not allowed on the fields. The parking lots are also consider as part of the field. Many parks and leagues also do not allow coolers please contact your WAKA Customer Service Representative if you have any questions.

You are encouraged to keep all sports drink beverages in bubba kegs or thermos bottles. That way we keep potential trash at the field at a low level.

Anyone in violation of the beverage policy may be asked to leave the premises and their team will be forced to forfeit their game.

Please note various parks or a league may have a specific ruling that needs to be enforced regarding beverages.

Fireworks: Absolutely no fireworks of any kind are allowed on or near our fields. That includes Sparklers, Flame throwers, Molotov Cocktails and anything else you can think of.

All trash must be picked up before you leave the field. Trash cans are available throughout the park.

Rest Rooms:
Most of our parks have rest rooms. In the event that your park does not or if it is closed. Do not use use the caveman method and do your business in bushes or even worse in the open. You may get a ticket and we may loose the permit to use the park! Speak to your local Customer Service Representative for a solution.


Park only in marked spaces or areas designated by the park. Parking on roads in unmarked spots may result in a parking ticket.

Rainout Line:
Check your local league website to see if your park has a rainout line. If not keep an eye on the website and your e-mail. Just because it is raining in one place does not mean it is raining at the fields. Check those e-mails and make sure to have your captains phone number.