WAKA Captains Info

All WAKA team captains are approved by WAKA on the basis that they understand & agree to the guidelines and rules listed on our website. Our primary goal is to make sure all players have fun and stay safe. Captain and Co-captains that do not follow the guidelines or rules can be removed as a captain and suspended if there is a serious infraction.

Paper Forfeits:

*A paper forfeit results in a ¾ point deduction in the standings. 3 or more pf’s may result in your team not being eligible to play in the tournament at the discretion of the league.

Referee Duty:
Each team is required to send referees as per the league schedule. Captains need to make arrangements for your refs to be at the game on time. If your team misses ref duty you could receive a paper forfeit. It is expected that teams will send qualified referee's who have read and understand the rule book. Team can also recieve paper forfeits for sending texting, talking or not paying attention referees.

Game Start Time & Equipment:

Games are required to start on time and last no more than 1 hour from the scheduled start time. Game times and length of games could vary from league to league.

"The first games of the night if any team that does not have a minimum of 4 females and 4 males at the field at game time they have 15 minutes. If after the 15 minutes they still do not have enough players the game is a forfeit, you may scrimmage but the game will show as a forfeit. Teams may not negotiate deals. The late game they have five minutes to have enough players."

Games delayed by lightning or other unforeseen circumstances will not have timed added. A game is considered official after 3 complete innings. Just because it is raining do not leave the field several league are able to play in the rain with park consent.

WAKA provides the bases and kickball’s. Please leave the kickball on the pitchers mound after your game.

Sporting Behavior:

Captains are responsible for the conduct of themselves and there players. WAKA can and will suspend players who violate the rules or do not act in a sporting manor manor. If multiple players are acting in an unsportinglike manor the game could result in a forfeit.

Teams that intentionally run out the game clock in the late innings by not taking the field in a reasonable amount of time etc may have their game ruled a forfeit.

Park Rules:

*Absolutely no cans, glass bottles,at the field. Many leagues also do not allow coolers at the field please check with your WAKA Customer Service Rep. Please make sure to review the park rules.

*Teams are responsible for throwing their trash in the garbage cans located at the fields.
*The park or the league does not allow pets at the field.
*Security, lock you car and keep anything of value in your trunk where it cannot be seen.

The above rules also apply to your guests and you are responsible for them.
Anyone that violates these rules could be suspended and the team may forfeit that game.

Team Rosters:

*Captains must have a copy of their official WAKA roster on hand at all times.
*WAKA may add players to your team as needed for a maximum of 26 players.
*Only registered players who are on your roster may play. WAKA will conduct random roster checks and illegal players will result in a forfeit, the captain being suspended and possibility of not being eligible to play in the tournament rounds.
*All players must wear an official WAKA shirt for that league and it must be the correct team color.
*Players wearing a cast or walking boot (moon boot) are not eligible to play. Knee braces, ace bandages and wrist casts are acceptable but only at the players own risk and WAKA Customer Service Representative approval. WAKA reserves the right to make the final decision on any players eligibility to play due to injury or illness.
*Game lineups are final at game start time. Late players should be added to the end of the roster. If a player misses his/her spot in the lineup and does not kick they are officially out of the game!

Leagues that have a GMOT newsletter may ask teams to submit weekly game recaps.

League Bar & Parties:
*WAKA is a social organization and encourages team captains to have their players visit the official league bar and attend the parties. Most of our bars serve non alcoholic drinks and food for those who choose not to drink.