Registration Info


General Information:
Kickball registration is conducted up until approximately 2-6 weeks prior to the season scheduled start date. This allows WAKA to create the teams and order team shirts etc. If you miss the deadline, you will be a spectator instead of a player, so register now!

Season Start Date: March 15th
Registration Deadline: As soon as the team rosters fill up.
Miscellaneous: Teams are co-ed & consist of players of all age's (21 minimum) Teams may have up to 26 players.
Game Nights: Sunday beginning at 2-5pm alternating weekly.
Game Length: Games are hour max from scheduled start time.
Season Length: Approximately 8-9 weeks. Games may be played on some holidays, check the calendar before you register.
Game Location: Hammond Park
Fees: $63 per player.

Refund Policy: No refunds. Do not register to play if this may be a problem for you!!!!

The fee you pay includes game equipment, WAKA team t-shirt for each player, field rental & general security, League Tournament, a chance to play in the Regional and World Tournaments, membership in the social organization, personal WAKA player cards, funds towards the league's parties, awards and trophies, help in developing the chosen charity, specials/discounts at the sponsor restaurant/bar, and other general operation costs & insurance.

WAKA does not offer refunds! The registrations process is complete when you provide your credit card. Your personal circumstances may change so keep in mind you will not be provided a refund. Please consider the following possibilities before you register as they do not entitle you to a refund. Job Transfer, Moving, Injury, Divorce, Not having fun, etc etc...
WAKA does not allow you to substitute a player in your place due to insurance and other considerations. If a player has a concern, it is their responsibility to notify WAKA via email or in person.

WAKA is a social organization:
WAKA is a social organization that plays a game for fun. Sometimes calls are made that may not be consistent with competitive sports leagues. This is to insure the integrity of the social organization and to serve our primary goal of having fun. Overly zealous players and people who feel they must win at all costs and cannot accept our philosophy are encouraged to find another organization to join as you will not be happy here, nor will WAKA put up with "crybabies" and people who infringe on other people's rights to have fun. All players are strongly encouraged to participate on the league board and attend the parties and league bar after the game. The final standings are affected by your overall teams "social" activity. Kickball games are self refereed meaning players from teams are asked to ref other games. With that in mind we do not have professional refs so we ask players to read and understand the rules prior to game 1. WAKA reserves the right to suspend or remove players from the league for violations of the park or league rules and general unsportsmanlike conduct. Remember we play for fun!

Zero Tolerance Policy:
Unsportsmanlike conduct may lead to your suspension for up to the entire season with no refund!

Team Captains & Co Captains:
Captains are approved by WAKA and can be removed at any time by WAKA. All captains must read and agree to the "Captain's Responsibilities" section.