WAKA Players Do More Than Just Kick! We Run Too!

US Road Sports and Entertainment introduced the Inaugural 13.1™ Atlanta. This half marathon was held on October 4, 2009. 13.1™ Atlanta is one of the latest craze in themed half-marathons so come ready to experience some of the best Southern Rock and Southern cooking. This race is about the run, the fun, the sights and the experience.

The group photo above is of WAKA GA Thunder kickballers after the race on the campus of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta during post race celebration (including chocolate & powdered donuts, orange slices, beer, mimosas...the breakfast of hardcore kickballing marathoners).

In the photo from left to right are GA Thunder kickballers:Lutz Johnson (Totally Awesome), Creighton Combs (Kickin' & Screamin'), Tara Nelson (Double Plays & Threesomes), Thomas Johnson (Weezz Buddies), Manda Groth (Totally Awesome), Jamie Logan (Totally Awesome), Michelle Bennett (Totally Awesome), Paul Amico (Where's My Pitches At?), Heidi Bruning (Totally Awesome), Wade Craighead (Double Plays & Threesomes).

WAKA GA Thunder 13.1 Race Runners included: Creighton Combs (Kickin' & Screamin'), Tara Nelson (Double Plays & Threesomes), Michelle Bennett (Totally Awesome), Heidi Bruning (Totally Awesome), and Thomas Johnson
(Weezz Buddies).

You can learn more about the race at www.131Atlanta.com.