This is the running list of players in the WAKA Seattle league for all 2017 seasons that have passed the online ref quiz or have attended the ref clinic. If you want to become a referee, please take the online quiz prior to that week's games you plan on being a referee. All rules can be found through our Seattle WAKA rules page as well. 

WAKA Seattle Referee List
Name Team O C H
Yuri Prater Balls N Dolls   X  
Brittany Lystrup Balls N Dolls   X  
Liz Johnson Balls N Dolls   X  
Erik Mathre Blurred Foul Lines     X
  Blurred Foul Lines      
Amanda Sueldo Cascadia Cephalopods   X  
Ken Kil Cascadia Cephalopods X    
Will O'Neill Cascadia Cephalopods X    
Daniel Pelegero For Fox Sake     X
Bryan Johnson For Fox Sake X    
Dee Newson For Fox Sake X    
Brett Schreiber For Fox Sake      
Michael Prentice Hurricane Nation!     H
Kayli McCommon Hurricane Nation!   X  
Roxanne Little Hurricane Nation!   X  
John Wineman Hurricane Nation!   X  
  Listen and Talk!      
Max DeMeritt The Wrecking Balls X    
Sam Fink The Wrecking Balls X    
Adam English GWAKAMOLE X    
Chad Campbell GWAKAMOLE X    
Brian Heuston Wasted Seamen X    
Chelsea Kahn Wasted Seamen X    
Ben Kappler Wasted Seamen X    
Alex White Whisky Kick     X
John-Michael Coles Whisky Kick X    
Frank Konvalinka Whisky Kick     X
Antonio Bahena Whisky Kick      
Tyler Conant        
Madeline Eiden   X    
Scott Wilson   X    
Will Ansah   X    
Trey Vaughn   X    
Meghal Khokhani   X    
DiJon Hill   X    
Drew Hatton     X  
Alex Labib     X  
Victor Ung   X    
Teresa Hughes   X    
Austin Laramie   X    
Michael Henage       X
Chris Bourassa       X

O = Online Quiz
C = Referee Clinic
H = Head Referee Program