Local League Policies for NY Mid Hudson Kickball

The following policy changes are intended for kickball played in the NY Mid Hudson league and any differences supersede any WAKA overall organizational policies listed at the WAKA League Policies page at http://www.kickball.com/policies

Sportmanship & Player Eligibility
Smoking & Alcohol


ANY Team with unsprtmanslike behavior will result in a pently of finishing the season in last place in the standings. Physical altercations of any kind will result in a minimum of a 1 week suspension from kickball. 

Players MUST play in a minimum of 2 regular season games to be Eligible to play in the playoffs! 

NO SMOKING ON THE FIELDS, if you choose to smoke it MUST be outside the fence. Alcohol may be consumed on the fields but MUST be in a cup or conceled, NO BOTTLES OR CAN OUT IN THE OPEN. ALL Garbage MUST BE PICKED UP AFTER YOUR GAMES!!!  Any player caught with visible bottles or can will be asked to leave and the team will recive a paper forfeit. 


Team Color Assignments As started with the Spring 2015 season, there is no carryover of colors from the previous season unless the team has enough players registered for their friend group to be considered a team (14 players, preferably with 7 men and 7 women, though based on past seasons and a number of teams preferences, 8 and 6 will also be acceptable) at the time deadline for ordering t-shirts. Otherwise, colors will be issued to teams on a first come, first served basis.
Referee Assignments 
During the Regular Season:
In order to accommodate the inconvenience of the byes and doubleheaders in the schedule, instead of two teams providing referees as has been the case in past seasons, only one team is being assigned to provide referees for each game during the regular season. Teams failing to provide capable referees for games to which they are assigned will receive a Paper Forfeit.  
For the Playoffs, AKA the League Championship Tournament: 
Tournament referees will be scheduled by League leadership, and some teams may be called upon to supply referees even after they are eliminated. Any scheduled referees must be experienced, sober, and on time. Failure to meet these responsibilities may impact the ability of the responsible Captains to register in the future. During the Playoffs, if your team is assigned to ref and fails to, you will receive a Game Forfeit and be eliminated from the Playoffs. If your team has been eliminated and fails to provide scheduled/assigned referees, your team will face a penalty during your next season.
Player T-Shirts
According to the official kickball rules at https://www.kickball.com/files/KICKBALL_OFFICIAL_RULES_2017.pdf, Rule 2.01 states "While participating, players must properly wear the official athletic clothing designated for their use." For the NY Mid Hudson league, while participating in WAKA kickball, players must properly wear and fully display the official WAKA athletic clothing designated for their use for the current season (once received). If you're not wearing your kickball shirt, then you're not eligible to play that week.